Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Brian Cashman Ranked 5th in Top 10 GM’s List

Depending on who you ask you can ask 100 people what they think about Brian Cashman and you are likely to get close to about 100 different answers. The organization obviously loves him, he’s entering his 18th season as the team’s GM in 2016, and judging by Twitter the majority of the fans hate him. A lot of the beat writers and bloggers understand that no GM is going to bat 1.000, and of course there are some level-headed fans that do as well, and some even know how hard it is to actually make a deal in Major League Baseball. Overall the perception of Cashman is always changing because no one truly knows Cashman. Cashman served under King George, George Steinbrenner, and had his decisions and moves overruled or undermined while now his unlimited cash flow has been cut off by Hal Steinbrenner. Will the real Brian Cashman please stand up?

Many have tried to decipher how well Cashman does as a GM and the latest to try is Ken Davidoff of the New York Post. Davidoff released a publication titles “Top 10 Current MLB General Managers in the Game” and Mr. Cashman made the list at #5. Davidoff’s exact quote was this:

“Ah, yes. Mr. Cashman. The mere refusal to advocate for his immediate firing draws venom from many fan corners. The Yankees haven’t won a playoff game since 2012, for crying out loud! Look at the other names on the list. Only (John) Mozeliak can relate to Cashman on one very important career track: in 18 years on the job, not once has Cashman made a “sell” trade, nor has he picked in the top half of the draft. Every other man ranked here has benefited greatly from playing the long game. Never has Cashman enjoyed an opportunity to do that. The decision to go crazy two winters ago, bringing aboard Carlos Beltran, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brian McCann and Masahiro Tanaka – as opposed to ramping it down upon the retirement of the Core Four – was driven by ownership, and it also reinforces considerable financial room for error that Cashman possesses.”

Well said Mr. Davidoff, well said indeed. To finish out the Top 10 list by Davidoff you have John Mozeliak of the St. Louis Cardinals in the top spot followed by Theo Epstein of the Chicago Cubs, Jon Daniels of the Texas Rangers and Brian Sabean of the San Francisco Giants.

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