Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My 2016 Hall of Fame Ballot as it Stands Today

The Internet Baseball Writers Association of America, of which I am now a lifetime member, allows me certain perks and benefits. One of those perks and benefits is that I get an IBWAA Hall of Fame ballot. Many don't like to but I prefer to release my ballot online and I will do so today, as it stands as of right now. If a woman can change her mind then so can I.

I like to push the agenda that I feel most strongly about, electing the players that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame into Cooperstown. This is likely the worst possible analogy I could come up with but it works, just because you didn't get caught killing someone or just because you killed before DNA was mainstream it doesn't make you any less of a murderer. Many guys used SOMETHING that is banned by today's standards and are in the Hall, I know that in my heart. Look at "greenies" for example, players like Hank Aaron openly used them. They weren't banned then, they are banned now. Keep that in mind before killing or attacking my personal opinion and preference in MY Hall of Fame ballot. Instead, leave yours in the comments section below.

As many of you know you get 10 votes every single offseason and here are mine:

1. Barry Bonds
2. Roger Clemens
3. Ken Griffey Jr. 
4. Jeff Bagwell
5. Trevor Hoffman
6. Gary Sheffield
7. Tim Raines
8. Edgar Martinez
9. Mike Piazza
10. Mike Mussina

Sammy Sosa was caught corking his bat. That's still illegal, probably always was. I also find it tough, and yes it's unfair, to truly judge players I have never seen personally. Maybe Alan Trammell deserves to be in, all I have is the back of his baseball card to judge him by. He's borderline, and likely on my ballot in a year that isn't as stacked, but not this year. This is Trammell's final season on the ballot and he may lose out to the numbers game... and that's sad.  


  1. 1. Barry Bonds, another one that didn't need to take pills.
    2. Roger Clemens
    3. Ken Griffey Jr.
    4. Tim Raines one of the most underrated players on the list.
    5. Jeff Bagwell
    6. Trevor Hoffman
    7. Mike Mussina, just because!
    8. Gary Sheffield
    Not on my list, I didn't like them when they played, they intimidated some of the ump's.
    9. Edgar Martinez
    10. Mike Piazza, bat only, no defense!

    1. I almost didn't want to go with Edgar because once Edgar gets in, Ortiz may get in. Since, you know, he gets a pass on the steroid test.


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