Saturday, December 5, 2015

MLB’S Adderall Exceptions Fall in 2015

Major League Baseball, and society as a whole truth be told, has a drug problem. The war on drugs that the government and law enforcement are fighting are against illegal street drugs but there is a bigger and much worse problem here in the United States, prescription drugs. Prescription drugs as a whole are good for those who need them and it’s not the drugs fault, it’s the people who abuse them. The people who Have “anxiety” who ruin it for all the people with anxiety and the people with “ADHD” that ruin it for the people that have ADHD as a couple of examples. Adderall is running rampant in Major League Baseball, although the exemptions for the anxiety and attention deficit disorder drug were down in 2015.

How many less exceptions were made in MLB from 2014 to 2015? One. Just one. When the final tally was made there were 111 therapeutic use exceptions (TUEs) approved for the use of Adderall in 2015. This is down for the second straight year after a high of 119 players received TUEs in 2013. 15% of MLB players are legally using the drug Adderall.

Ten players tested positive for banned substances in 2017, seven for PED’s, two for stimulants and one for supplement DHEA. No players tested positive for HGH. Five of the seven PED tests showed that Stanozolol was used, which is the new name for Winstrol that you undoubtedly remember from the Mitchell Report.

Drugs are still rampant in Major League Baseball and an independent committee is not being used to screen for TUEs and drug exceptions. Major League Baseball still has the final say though. 

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