Saturday, December 5, 2015

Nine Reasons Why a Jason Heyward Signing Doesn’t Necessarily Make Sense for the Yankees

Jacoby Ellsbury
Carlos Beltran
Brett Gardner
Aaron Hicks
Aaron Judge
Tyler Austin
Ben Gamel
Slade Heathcott

Mason Williams

There is such a thing as too much depth and too many warm bodies vying for one position and I think the Yankees have that with this stable of men. There are just too many outfielders, barring a trade or three, to justify bringing in a Justin Upton or Jason Heyward. 

Then again it's still awfully early in the offseason...


  1. Other than Judge, is there anyone better than Hayward on your list? He is 26 with room to grow into being a star (maybe) but, we don't need stars we need defensive outfielders with a little power and can keep the line moving.

    1. This was more or less a tongue in cheek blog post. The Yankees could trade almost every one of those guys and make room for Heyward, I am well aware of that. I'm just saying the Yankees aren't in a rush to sign a Heyward with all this depth.

      That changes if a trade happens.

  2. I think the guy next door wants to work out on the mats. Someday I am going to get hurt with this guy. He is about 6'2" and well...too damn slow but, he is learning.
    Later guys!

  3. You didn't say they were all GOOD reasons.

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