Saturday, December 12, 2015

New York Won’t "Bury" Aaron Hicks, Says Paul Molitor

The New York Yankees currently have their four outfielders set heading into the 2016 season. Brett Gardner will be in left barring a trade, Jacoby Ellsbury will be in center, Carlos Beltran will be in right field and recently acquired Aaron Hicks will be on the bench after coming over from Minnesota. Many of us Yankees fans don’t know what to expect from Hicks, most of us haven’t seen him unless he’s playing against New York, but his former manager Paul Molitor feels confident that not only will Hicks handle the pressure in the Bronx but he will also thrive.

Molitor was Hicks’ manager in 2015 with Minnesota and was a coach with the ball club in 2014 so he knows Hicks probably better than any of us writing or reading this. Molitor feels good about Hicks and his chances of “making it” in New York. Molitor calls Hicks a “cool character” and wished him well in the Bronx with his new club.

This is important because not everyone is cut out for the limelight of New York. Randy Johnson wasn’t, Zack Greinke probably wouldn’t be and David Price (cheap, yet respectful jab incoming) never could be comfortable here. Welcome to the Bronx Mr. Hicks, I’m now even more excited about your arrival to the family.

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