Saturday, December 26, 2015

So I Guess My “Brace Yourselves, a Robert Refsnyder Trade is Coming” Article Was a Bit Unpopular…

For an article that drew more clicks and attention than many of the posts I’ve put up this year I believe it was popular for all the wrong reasons. When I posted this article it blew my mind at the number of views it got. I got more attention for writing an opinion article on a potential Robert Refsnyder trade than I did for breaking the Mike Leake to the St. Louis Cardinals a good three days before Chris Cotillo “broke the news.” I have received many emails stating that Refsnyder was not going to be traded because Jack Curry and Jon Heyman haven’t reported it yet but I think you’re missing the point here, I never said it was breaking news.

I am wanting to put this out here instead of replying to nine different emails saying pretty much the same thing. I know all nine of you are reading and I appreciate your continued readership and support. This article was not meant to be breaking news, it’s an opinion. This is a fan blog and these are my opinions. When they are facts I quote the person who broke the news. I apologize if there was any confusion on this.

The facts of the article still remain though. Refsnyder is still blocked by Starlin Castro for the next four or five seasons and he is still one of the most attractive trade pieces on a team full of question marks, holes and needs. Other teams are like hawks and they will pounce when they think a team will “sell low” or undervalue their own prospects since they are blocked. This was my reasoning behind my OPINION that Refsnyder will be traded. Will he ultimately be traded? Only Brian Cashman knows. Not Curry, not Heyman and definitely not myself. 


  1. Just from my perspective, I completely read it as an opinion piece when wrote it, so no idea how that was misinterpreted lol

    And additionally, I was on a famous Yankee blog and couldn't believe how boring the author was. Even if I disagree with your posts, at least there's passion that can be seen in your writing. Keep it up!

    1. Well I'm glad you did Spade. Some people did not, and that's ok. I got a ton of emails on it though so I figured I would clarify. Most everything on the site is opinion but whatever.

      And thank you Spade, that's truly appreciated. You can tell the difference between the guys who get paid to cover the team, a lot of them aren't even fans, and the guys who donate their time for it.

  2. No reason for you to apologize to the reading-impaired, Dan. Your story started with a sentence that used the word "likely" to describe one scenario and ended with a paragraph describing another scenario should the first one not materialize. The only way anyone could've confused that with a breaking news story is if they read no further than the headline, and even then it would require a quite a bit of imagination to reach that conclusion.

    Great article, by the way. I agree 100 percent with it. You can put an egg timer on Refsnyder's future with the Yankees. I would only add that I firmly believe the pinstripe window closed on him way back during the All-Star break when both Brian and Joe said they would evaluate next steps for him and then sent him down despite Drew choking the chicken and the team badly in need of a fresh bat.

    Just an amusing aside, note how the "mainstream" take on Brian's and Joe's less than enthusiastic response to the notion of keeping him around was translated to mean he would get a longer look. So much for the infallibility of "real" news outlets. ;-)

    1. First, welcome to the site. I appreciate the comment and look forward to chatting it up more with you.

      I was caught off guard as well by the emails. I thought I made it clear that it was an opinion but some people take things literally and there is nothing wrong with that.

      The Yankees don't seem interested in Refsnyder for whatever reason and I think that's ultimately going to be a mistake.

    2. I agree Daniel!
      Most people know going from the infield to the outfield is much essayer than coming into the infield. He has had most of one year to adapt to the infield right, just think about Drew...a life long took him about 1/3 of the year to adapt to 2nd base.
      Refsy has been a good right-handed hitter and has been improving as a 2nd baseman. I keep hearing about his errors, but almost every infielder has a lot of errors before smoothing out everything they need to know and do in the major leagues...without needing to stop and think about it.
      I think he will go somewhere and come back to be a good 2nd baseman. Just think what the problem can be if he is at spring training and out plays Castro all around!

    3. Ken, that's not a problem at all lol the only person that has played well into the majors was solarte. But I expect refs to kick as at spring training again and be sent right to Wilkes Barre. Castro has been told the position is his, and unless someone is moving to third or becoming a versatile option, it's all just wishful thinking

    4. True words Spade!
      It is a shame to see him kicked around like this but, the Team is the game and winning is the gain!

    5. After the trade of Eric Jagielo you have to wonder if Refsnyder will be moved to third base. You also have to wonder if he has the arm for it, remember he was only moved to second base because of the fear of his arm strength in right field.

    6. I think must people would be thrilled to hear it Daniel. Two thoughts-
      1- Refsnyder doesn't have a good enough arm. However, Headley is under contract until 2018. If Refs isnt traded by spring training, what's the reason not to split his time between 2nd and 3rd and see how he does? Heck, play him in RF too. Last year, cashman refs was seen as a 2nd baseman. but as we've seen, things change.

      2- When removed from 2nd in chicago, Castro fielded at 3rd and had a decent arm. I dont see that happening.

      Im ready for baseball.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. I don't see a harm in it either. New York is always preaching how they want they own Ben Zobrist, go make one. Refsnyder could be one I think seeing as he already has experience at two positions.

      He is young and athletic, I do wonder about his arm strength though. Castro could play third I guess in a pinch and Ref or Ackley could play second. It's just whether the Yankees will do it.

    9. Refsy played right field and they have to have a good arm to play RF, just a guess, I'd say he has a strong enough arm to play there just fine. Although I have no idea if there has been any mention of his arm in the scouting reports.
      Which would give us a guy that can play three positions and a right handed hitter.

      Not a bad idea guys!

    10. Yes he did play RF but playing outfield in college and playing in the majors are totally different. Just a small percentage of players that played in college make it to the majors.

      With that said his arm is probably adequate. You know how MLB stat guys are though they don't want adequate, thy want ideal.


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