Wednesday, February 17, 2016

TGP Prospects Night featuring Robert Refsnyder

Robert Refsnyder had an up and down 2015 season between Triple-A and two separate cameos in the Major Leagues. Refsnyder presumably thought he had a shot at the starting second base job for much of the winter until the team signed Stephen Drew for the job. Refsnyder presumably thought he had made enough of an impression before the All-Star break to stick around only to find himself back in Scranton when Carlos Beltran was activated off the disabled list. Refsnyder came back in September and rotted on the bench for much of the month until manager Joe Girardi gave him a shot. What did Girardi get? What Refsnyder always gives, 100% and a player that impressed enough to be added to the Wild Card Playoffs roster against the Houston Astros. This video covers all that and more much better than I have or could so check it out!


  1. He will be a major league player somewhere if not with the Yankees. I think is depends on two guys as to IF Refsy gets a shot at 2nd base again...Castro and Headley.
    If both do well he is in trouble, if one of them stinks up the place he could get another shot. We shall see!
    Being a Yankee fan is hard work, I want the team to do well but, then again, I want Refsy to get another shot...what a conundrum!

    1. I think Ref will get a shot at least until July. Yankees can mix and match with that last bench spot like they did with the last bullpen spot last season. You can call up and demote a guy 10 times a month and it only costs one option per season. If an injury occurs he may get more playing time.

      He may also be trade bait at the August 1st trade deadline though...This is a classic Brian Cashman move. Stockpile talent and then trade the "excess" pieces after showcasing them in the majors for a while. See Ramon Flores and John Ryan Murphy as recent examples.


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