Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Yankees Draft & International Spending Caps Set for 2016/2017

With the new collective bargaining agreement and new rules set by Major League Baseball teams are now limited in how much they can spend both on the international market and in the draft. Rules like these were obviously set to hurt teams like the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers, the heavy spenders of the league, and set to help the smaller market teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Tampa Bay Rays. With this current collective bargaining agreement set to expire after this season the final set of draft spending caps and international spending caps were set for the New York Yankees.

This season the Yankees will have $5,768,400 to spend on their first 10 rounds of picks in the MLB Draft and the team will also have $2,177,100 for the 2016/2017 IFA signing period. As a reminder the IFA signing period begins on July 2nd of every year so the Yankees can use their $2 million and change as early as July 2nd, 2016. This may be a moot point since the Yankees cannot give any IFA more than $300,000 in any single deal but still, the allocation of funds is there. Also as a quick reminder the Yankees have the 19th overall pick in the draft this season, 18th if the Orioles finalize their deal with Yovani Gallardo, and it is also worth mentioning that any deal after the 10th round worth more than $100,000 also counts against the team's draft pool.

The Yankees have a whopping$7,945,500 to spend on amateur players this upcoming season, the fifth lowest total in all of Major League Baseball.

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