Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Underrated Prospects in the Yankees Farm System

Although this is up for debate and will be debated for many years to come it is my opinion that the New York Yankees have a strong farm system. While the Yankees aren't producing players like Carlos Correa and Francisco Lindor that come in and win Rookie of the Year Awards and make huge impacts seen across the leagues the Yankees would rather do it their own way. The Yankee way. The way that leaves the team better than it was before whether they get the national media attention or not. We saw this last season with Luis Severino, Greg Bird and all the members of the Scranton Shuttle in the bullpen and we're likely to see it again this season from Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and likely James Kaprielian. These names you know but here are a few of the underrated guys I feel that are in the Yankees system today.

Abiatal Avelino has already been showcased once on our Top 29 Prospects list but he deserves another mention this morning after a very solid 2015 campaign. Avelino played in both Charleston and Tampa last season and stole 54 bases combined, all at just 20-years old. Avelino is a ground ball hitter currently but hes just beginning to grow into his body and the power began to show its face in 2015. Whether his power ever translates into the majors is up for debate but the fact that his defense is awesome and his contact rates are even better make his future look bright regardless.

Kendall Coleman is a friend of mine and has been very gracious and friendly to us here at the blog since the day he was drafted. That may make me a little bias although I don't believe so and I'm here to tell you why. Coleman is also just 20-years old and has battled injuries in his first three seasons with the club but his power is starting to show its face as well as his plate discipline and defense. Coleman is still growing into his 6'4" frame and is still packing on power and his ceiling is unlimited, all he has to do is stay healthy.

Thairo Estrada made the cut for our Top 29 Prospects list after another strong season with the organization. Estrada played in Staten Island in the New York-Penn League and finished the season with a .267 average at just 19-years old. While being the youngest player in the league he still led the team in doubles while making contact almost every single at bat. He has speed, he has defense and he reminds me a lot of Derek Jeter in the way he plays in the field. His future may be at second base but that's not a knock on his ability to stay at shortstop it is more of a praise on his speed, athleticism and the state of the Yankees system currently.

The final underrated player for me is Estevan Florial and that's only because of where he is in the Yankees system. Coleman needs to stay healthy and Avelino and Estrada need to put on some bulk and grow into their bodies but the only thing Florial has going against him was that he did it in the Dominican Summer League. Florial hit .313 with 15 stolen bases in 2015 but he wasn't one of those signing deals worth $1 million or more, Florial did that making a fraction of that. Florial has plus power and plus arm strength in the outfield and his future may be as a center fielder. His ceiling is the sky and that is a great bit of news for the New York Yankees.

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