Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Bryan Mitchell & Andrew Miller Injured


During the Yankees Spring Training game today Andrew Miller took a line drive to his right wrist. His reaction, which included spiking his hat or glove into the ground before going straight to the clubhouse, did not fill Yankees fans with hope.

In fact, the one thing that made Yanks fans happy was that he didn't take the liner to his throwing hand. Not that he wouldn't still miss a couple months, but his effectiveness may have taken a hit if he gripped the ball differently.

Anyway, thankfully, his x-rays came back negative. He will be going for a CT Scan, so he's not totally in the clear, but avoiding a broken bone is a very good thing.

Bryan Mitchell injured his toe today as well, although we don't have any information on how bad it may be. Our only explanation is that his toe "locked up" while covering first base. While it shouldn't keep him out long at all, there is a chance that his mechanics change slightly to compensate for his toe, which is normally not a good thing.

We'll keep you updated.


  1. Bryan Mitchell to become the new Dizzy Dean?
    That is what happened to him back a few years ago: he was hit on the toe and continued to pitch. He altered his mechanics and hurt his arm...the end of the story!

    Cashman, don't let him come back until he has been cleared to do so!

    1. It's just a toe, come on guy! lol.

      He took a line drive to the face, a toe should be nothing.

    2. Daniel...
      Good thing you added that LOL!
      Damn, two down and the season hasn't even started yet!

    3. Neither are out just yet. They likely will be, but they aren't yet.


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