Thursday, April 7, 2016

MLB Approves Wearable Technology

Oh boy I wonder what Goose Gossage is going to have to say about this…

Major League Baseball has announced that wearable technology is coming to a MLB stadium and team near you. The league and the sport’s playing rules committee approved two devices for use during games this season named the “Motus Baseball Sleeve” and the “Zephyr Bioharness.” The Motus Baseball Sleeve measures stress on elbows and may help prevent or find a reason behind all the Tommy John surgeries across the league while the Zephyr monitors heart and breathing rates.

Clubs may not use this data outside of their organization and it cannot be provided to broadcasters or news outlets at this time. The league has also approved a pair of bat sensors for use on field during workouts that also fall into this category and rule set.

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