Friday, April 15, 2016

Recap: Mariners 7, Yankees 1

Questions about the dependability of the Yankees' aging offense are nothing new.

But after a third consecutive anemic performance by the team's veteran bats, it seems fair to wonder just how good this group really is.

The Yankees went 0-for-12 with runners in scoring position and left 12 on base, culminating in a dissapointing 7-1 loss to the Mariners Friday night in the Bronx.

The Yankees took a 1-0 edge in the first on Brett Gardner's first home run of the season, but looked hopeless from there -- squandering countless opportunities as the Mariners turned a close one into a blowout.

In the fourth, the Yanks had men on second on third with none out, but failed to break a 1-1 tie after Didi Gregorius, Chase Headley and Jacoby Ellsbury all went down on strikes.

In the fifth, New York's first two hitters again reached base, but again, the next three up -- this time Brian McCann, Carlos Beltran and Dustin Ackley -- blew the chance to make noise.

On the mound, right-hander Luis Severino pitched respectably, allowing four earned runs on eight hits over 5 2/3 innings. But, as with Nathan Eovaldi on Thursday, he struggled the second turn through the order.

The Mariners evened things at one on Robinson Cano's RBI single in the fourth, and grabbed a 3-1 lead on Chris Ianetta's two-run shot an inning later.

Seattle then added individual runs in each of the last four frames, backing up Nathan Karns' five innings of one-run ball.

WHAT IT MEANS: The Yankees dropped their third straight game, having scored just 5 runs since Tuesday's win in Toronto. They are now 4-5 on the year, fourth in the AL East.

NEXT UP: The Yankees and Mariners will meet for a matinee on Saturday. CC Sabathia (1-0, 4.50 ERA) and Felix Hernandez (0-1, 0.69 ERA) are slated to be your starters, with first pitch set for 1:05 p.m. ET.


  1. TEAM GREEDY....smelling the same flavor from the 2015 kitchen ?

    Yeah, I think so. Starting to smell like liver cooking. Gaging.

    No one posts again after a crappy loss again. Understandable.

    I don't do the baseball 1-2-3 game at this site. I shy away from
    things that make no sense to me. The team is mediocre, and we have
    to guess where they fall on their faces ?

    1. Haha crickets! I'm avoiding posting because I have nothing positive to say, and said I would give the team 5 times thru the rotation before I start complaining.

      I know Daniel is big on sabermetrics, but I still say if a pitcher gives up too many homeruns, that's not a good thing!

      Not sure if I can last 25 games before posting!

    2. Positivity. Wasn't there that popular book the secret? What was it think positive, be positive, then become a millionaire?

      Im hoping for one pitcher to shut down the opposing team. Maybe this will spark something under the offenses asses

    3. This team is a joke AS OF NOW. It is poorly constructed by the man who is an expert trader aka the elf. The starting pitching is a joke for the most part and the lack of hitting is quite disturbing. The pen is shining as of now but will be burnt out very shortly for the starters ineptness to go deep into games. Hal you cheap piece of shit not spending money on pitching is going to cost you. They better deal the Cuban at the trade deadline for a haul of players because if he only nets a first rd pick it will be a joke. Yes I used Joke three other times in this post.

    4. Damn Ken H, you give up very quickly don't you.
      As was pointed out by Daniel before, 11 games are not the end of the world. As was said by you before (more or less); 162 game season is a marathon, not a sprint!
      Why are you always saying Cashman is not a good GM? If he is so bad why is it every year his contract comes up for renewal he has other teams calling him?

    5. Ken, I mean, the players had a lot to prove after last season. Cc needed to prove about the leg brace. Severino needed to prove he wasn't just hype, Tanaka has 160 million things to prove, Pineda needs to prove he's not a chump that has a 50% chance of being junk. Eovaldi needed to prove his good year was the real deal. And that's just the starting pitchers.

      Some may think it's the offense, and of course. I've been saying this for a year. And I'm sure they will come back with two games where they score 28 runs. And then people comment about how "hitting too many homeruns" isn't bad. Would you prefer 5 runs a game X 5 games, or 1 game of 25 runs, then 4 shutouts? Exactly. 2nd in runs scored is great. Scoring them all in a handful of games isn't great.

      So discussing that these starts are not good, but not bad, I disagree completely. And sure, we were made to shorten games and 3 headed monster, Yada Yada.but if the starting pitcher gets lit up by the 5th inning every damn day, you could put Mariano Rivera, in with Chapman, Betances, Miller, and it still would would leave us here.

      And there are less players to watch for excitement on this team than last year. How the F is that possible?

      I do think Castro and arod need to be switched immediately. I'd hate to say "give him a rest" and give some at bats to hicks because it'd the freaking 10th game, and remember, hicks is young and new too, and I'm sure he wants some opportunity to try and prove something. But yea, a slow and old arod in the 3 is a disaster to the 4 spot and to the lineup.

      The only excitement in pinstripes is down in Tampa. Hopefully they move up Matteo and kaprielan by may. Get a pair of balls, take a little risk, and give us something to look forward to. Besides breaking a losing streak.

      Refs has 2 errors in 9 games FYI

    6. DARYL'S....last two above paragraphs speaks volumes. Sign me up.

      Last season they left thousands of men in scoring position.
      Maybe tens of thousands. This year, is 2013-15, leaving men
      on base, all over again. One can sense it.

      And please don't ask me to wait three more years!
      These are the Yankees for gods sake. Not the Twins.

      Much more of this, and I'll strap on my sidearm, and put a round
      into my new flat screen. Which I waited years for.
      It's that bad.

    7. Daryl...
      One can say (as you have) the team needs to show they can win games every way there is not just with the long ball.
      I don't see any player on this team that one can point to as a sure thing to help this team by playing too or better than, the back of his card.
      What I do see is the team having a rough time getting a roll of victories going. It seems to me it is not one player it is a couple of players each game that don't come through at the right time.
      They have 12 games under their belt as of now if things are in the same shape at the halfway point...then worry!

    8. I'm with you Daryl on switching Alex and Castro in the lineup. The Yankees had no problem batting him 7th or lower last season and made him earn his way back to the middle of the lineup. I see no problem making him earn it again.

  2. CHAPMAN...not even back yet, and he should expect to start looking for
    a new home in three months. How sad is that ?

    The super ninth inning pitcher of our lifetime will be dealt soon.
    So sad.....I do not even want to guess what bag of crap they will
    be fooled into trading for.

    I hope every fan buys a big flat screen, and stays home.

    Hans...'joke'.. could have been used...ten times.

  3. Reed I think you need to do a better job of reading my post. Not once did I use the word give up. I said at this time this team is a joke. I also pointed out it is poorly constructed which it is. I also stated that Hal is a cheap bastard because he didn't spend money on starting pitcher. I do again want to point out that there was no need to trade a reliable arm in Warren for Castro and yes he's doing well but I believe Refsnyder could give us the same offensive production at more then half the price. The elf gets his contract renewed because he is a puppet of the Tampa mafia. You do realize trades and signings were made without the elf? Just look at the Soriano move so that's why he gets renewed because a real GM would have balls to move on and be his own man

    1. I must agree with most of what you have said Ken H.
      I realize most fans want to say Hal has been the one pushing for spending money on the Farm System, mainly because we all know he dislikes to part with a penny. The thing is, Cashman has been trying to build the Farm System for years and everytime the better players would end-up playing for some other team. He has talked Hal into putting money into the System because he pointed out it is much cheeper than trading for a superstar.

    2. To be fair the pitching hasn't been great but the problem, like Hans said AS OF TODAY, has been the johnny come lately offense.

      It's sputtering already.

    3. Thank you Burch for pointing that out to Reed as he claimed I packed it in and nothing was said in that form. Reed just likes to disagree with everything I say which is fine.

    4. Ken H come on, I agreed with most of what you said!
      I also said one must let more games pass before we malign the team for being bad or too old...whatever!

    5. You did Reed but you said I threw in towel and I said at present time. Never said old but they are. I'll say it again at this time 3rd or 4th place especially if starters continue to fail and offensive continues to sputter.

    6. Ok, I'll buy that critic of missing your "present time" statement!

  4. Here are somethings we may want to worry about:
    Severino...has to learn to mix his pitches and not depend on his fastball in tight situations, the big boys can hit the fastball. Fastball must be inside and change eye level more...inside at the hands is the best/also up higher.
    Eovaldi...should learn from "Tank", pitching backwards once in a while, he has three pitches...use them all! And for gods sake throw inside with that fastball.
    CC...must pitch as though there is only 4 inches of plate to throw strikes...4 on outside and 4+1 inside and use his fastball up at the letters once in a while. He will get some swings and misses/pop-ups!
    Pineda...has to concentrate and change his style each time through the line-up.
    "Tank" done done very well, this time out mixing his pitches and pitching backward a lot.

    These are some of the things I have seen going on with the Staff and my opinion is based on nothing other than what I see. And could be nothing but BS!


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