Saturday, May 21, 2016

Buster Olney Suggests Trade Involving Brian McCann

The best thing that ever happened to Major League Baseball viewing in my opinion was the inception of MLB Network. I may be overreacting a bit as I pull the "poor pitiful me" routine but for a long time it seemed like ESPN was pretty anti-Yankee and it was getting to me more and more blatant and more and more obvious. I stopped watching for the most part but I continued to read some of their analysts including Buster Olney who made a mock trade proposal on Baseball Tonight that I really, really like. Olney suggested that if the Yankees deem themselves out of it in 2016 that they should call the Texas Rangers, who need lots of help at the catching position, and offer their catcher Brian McCann for a Rangers top prospect.

Olney suggested the Yankees call Texas and offer McCann and his two-plus years of team control for Joey Gallo, the Rangers top prospect and third base prospect. While the Rangers would be unlikely, well no it isn't going to happen, to trade Gallo at all let alone for a catcher on the wrong side of 30-years old it is worth the call to see if that could be the beginning of a deal.

Now the Yankees fans in general would never accept a fire sale but if a fire sale brought back a top and recognizable name like Gallo then you have to make the deal. Gallo's left-handed swing and power already reminds many of Baltimore's Chris Davis and would be an enormous upgrade over Chase Headley who currently mans the hot corner. This also allows the team to bring Gary Sanchez up and allows them to give him the baptism of fire as the every day starter with Austin Romine as the backup.

Would the Rangers do a straight up deal? Lord no. Would the Yankees? Hell yes. But could these two teams add a little here and take a little there (the Yankees throw in someone else and agree to pay some of McCann's salary down for instance) to make a deal work? I think so, yes. Make it happen.


  1. Texas "Needs" a catcher in the worse way, so why pay down McCanns' salary?
    They need him more than we need Gallo in fact, we can sure use him at 3rd base and then what do we do with Headley? Include Headley in the deal and eat some of his salary? Find someone that needs a 3rd baseman and trade him for ????? Don't forget we also have a catcher that is better than Sanchez and Austin...Luis Torrens 20 years old.
    So, go even up, a "major league player they Need" for a very good "farm hand".

    1. Because Gallo is ranked as the 6th best prospect in all of MLB and he's deemed MLB ready. He is probably only 6th and not higher because he didn't take the league by storm in his call up last season.

      32-year old McCann and cash for Gallo is a steal no matter how you look at it. Benching Headley should be an option, but it's not.

    2. yea. no way heads up trade like that, for brian mccann. if it was a nasty pitcher and youre trying to win a championship, maybe.

      however, texas probably has a sour taste in their mouths. and in bautista's left jaw. can mccann help out in pursuit of the playoffs? sure. additionally, they have a nasty 2nd baseman (and after a brief check in mlb pipelines, dont take that as im an expert in rangers farm system), they don't have many options up the middle. and hey... we do have middle infield prospects. oh yea, and that versatile kid that sells popcorn. refs or something like that. maybe he's an option.

      thinking out loud. I'm gunna send another letter to cashman.

    3. just want to add on- they desperately need a closer, and I think can benefit in OF, DH (prince fielder is pretty bad right now), and C as well.

      The nationals- they could definitely benefit from OF, and up the middle. espinosa is garbage. i think having beltran in there, put him behind harper in the lineup, makes a much different story. people are walking harper like it's nothing. and beltran is good, man. and although there BP is pretty good, I stand by the statement that anyone would take chapman in a playoff race. to get joe ross + a prospect. hmm


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