Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dairon Blanco: The Latest Cuban to Defect That New York Won't Sign

The New York Yankees have been reluctant to sign big named and high cost talent out of the Cuban market for whatever reason despite the recent successes of multiple defectors in the Major Leagues of late. For this reason you can't really blame me for my pessimism every time a "can't miss" Cuban star defects from their native island country with the hopes of reaching the United States and the Major Leagues. The latest can't miss guy to leave the Castro regime is outfielder Dairon Blanco.

Blanco is just 23-years old so he will fall within the international signing rules and restrictions set forth by the league whenever they deem him to be eligible to sign as a free agent. Blanco is a speed demon, Ben Badler of Baseball America gave him an 80-grade on his speed recently, that played center field in the Serie Nacional and could also do so in the Major Leagues with some work. Obviously, like most Cuban stars, Blanco comes as a work in progress that needs a little work, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

His bat seems to hold it's own which may be evident by his Serie Nacional career .303/.369/.409 triple slash with 52 steals in four seasons. Blanco doesn't strike out a ton and is a high average hitter with speed which almost every team can find a spot for on their roster that isn't in dire need of power as well.

Obviously Blanco won't be approved to be signed before the international signing period ends on July 2nd but he could absolutely be in play for the next round of signings. The Yankees are under spending restrictions for one more signing period after this one meaning unless Blanco wants to sign for $300K or less he won't be coming to the Bronx unfortunately. Shocker there.


  1. There reason is simple, its called money

    1. The international money is already allotted though. The reason they have the restrictions is because they spent $30 million on the IFA market.

      Not that I think they will sign him but still.

    2. Yes I know that as well when they went crazy last year, however even if they had the money space they wouldn't spend it on him

  2. Ok so I know we are under spending restrictions for the "haul of international free agents" we signed a few years ago. what was in that "haul"

    15 million dollars on 22 players. notably:
    Diego Castillo
    Hyo-Jun Park
    Juan De Leon

    it seems like a load of junk. am I missing something? hoping for 1 out of 20 to possibly stick as opposed to spending a bit more (relative) on a more finished product?

    1. Hard to judge any of these guys right now. They are mainly signed as 16-year olds and most haven't even made it to the United States yet.

      Oh any by the way my above total of $30 million was a rough estimate that included the penalties for going over the allotted cap. Before someone mentions it.

    2. lol.

      it's just tough to swallow, I know moncada was ridiculous. but there's puig, cespedes, there's maeta, there's quintana. these guys were more finished products when they signed. and I get it, they were older. and I get it, sign young players. Urias was playing pro ball in mexico at 16. he's 19 now, and made his debut. These guys are going to be in who the hell knows where. for a decade.

      I think this is an example of yankees front office thinking they are smarter than God and trying to catch lightning in a bottle, which has worked out never.

  3. Unless someone, Hal, and Tampa change their collective minds (they won't), they don't trust the skill of the Cubans and the money to outlay for them. Don't forget they have been burned before, so they say.
    I think anyone over 28+ that wants a contract past 5+ years is not going to make the cut.
    Players young and under team control is what they want!


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