Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mike Trout Isn’t Coming to New York

Click bait and you all just fell for it. No not this article, this is the farthest thing from click bait, but the real click bait came from reputable news sources claiming the Yankees are the front runners for Mike Trout. First and foremost when was Mike Trout even made available and where was I when it was announced that he was made available?

See this is what major news articles do to get you to click their posts, buy their papers and generally just give them attention. The difference between what they do and what I have personally set out to do is they have to do this, and I don’t blame them for needing to feed their families, and I don’t I will tell you like it is. Mike Trout isn’t coming to New York. Trout isn’t leaving Los Angeles, California, San Diego, Anaheim, or anywhere else for that matter unless Mike Trout wants to. It doesn’t make sense for any parties involved to move him, struggling and losing or not.

Mike Trout is just 24-years old and is under team control for four more years after the 2016 season. If the Angels are truly concerned with rebuilding this is someone you rebuild around, not use to begin a rebuild. Now if Trout had a season or two left on his deal after this season then you absolutely make the trade 100 times out of 100 but four years plus of team control is simply too much to trade away. It doesn’t make sense. Plus, if we’re being honest, no one is going to want to meet that prospect and salary demand. No one is going to want to gut five or six of their top ten prospects and pay a guy over $34 million a season for the next four seasons. There’s money in baseball right now but that just doesn’t make sense and it’s unlikely to happen.

So Trout isn’t getting traded but for the sake of this blog post let’s assume the Angels made him fully available today. Would the Yankees have enough and would they give up the same five or six top prospects for four-plus years of Trout? If history is any indicator the answer is no. History shows us a reluctance for Brian Cashman to trade his top prospects, even for what is widely considered to be a sure thing and a huge draw in Trout. The Yankees logic is they would rather wait on Bryce Harper and throw just money at the problem than their top prospects and top money to Trout.

I’m not say I would or wouldn’t trade for Trout, depending on the package I absolutely would because he is a once in a generation type talent, but I am saying I just can’t see the Angels trading him right now. I also can’t see the Yankees being involved, today as it stands anyway, if the Angels were to make him available. Leave the whole Billy Eppler and Brian Cashman link alone because all that goes out the window. This is Mike Trout and this is once in a lifetime. 

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