Friday, May 6, 2016

Remember the Promise of a 25th Man Revolving Door?

This winter while Brian Cashman was trying to trade everything that wasn’t nailed down to the ground he made a bit of a promise. Well maybe promise isn’t the right word or terminology but he did make a statement that has yet to come to fruition this season. Cashman made the statement this winter that he planned on using the Yankees final bench position, better known as the 25th man on the roster, as a revolving door much like he has used the last bullpen slot as a means for the Scranton Shuttle the past season and a half. With the injury to Alex Rodriguez you have to wonder if this statement is going to come true or if Cashman even remembers that he said it.  

The Yankees initially called up left-handed relief pitcher James Pazos when the Yankees placed their DH on the 15-day disabled list but with the minor league option already burned for the 2016 season and with his minor league options secure the Yankees could move some pieces around to have a full bench if they wanted to. Who would their most obvious choices be though if they decided to bring up a bench piece and looked to improve the offense? 

Look no farther than Nick Swisher. While technically he may be the hardest player on the list to move up and down this season, his lack of a 40 man roster spot and minor league options complicates things a bit, he may make the most sense for the club. He can play right field and first base and he’s a switch hitter, both things the Yankees seem to love. The problem is when he is sent down he will have to be designated for assignment, clear waivers and then accept a minor league assignment to stay in the organization. Chris Capuano did it 19 times last season, an exaggeration but not by much it felt like, so Swisher could too. I would just hate to bank on that.  

Rob Refsnyder has a 40 man roster spot, unlike Swisher, and has been seen playing second base, third base and most recently right field with the organization. Refsnyder has also played the DH position down in Triple-A making him an ideal candidate for the call up. 

The Yankees are now once again lacking right-handed power in the lineup. Gary Sanchez has right-handed power and he has a 40 man roster spot. The days he isn’t DH’ing he could be giving Brian McCann a half-day off at the DH position or a total day off on the bench keeping him fresh and healthy for the stretch run. 

The final option, although maybe not the most ideal option, would be Aaron Judge. The Yankees are keen on giving Carlos Beltran days at the DH position leaving Aaron Hicks to either play right field or continue to come off the bench while Judge adds a right-handed power bat to the lineup and the outfield. It’s unlikely the Yankees would call up Judge despite putting to bed some of the rumors and fears that he couldn’t handle Triple-A pitching but like the lottery in New York, hey you never know. 

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