Friday, May 13, 2016

WATCH: Documentary 56: The Streak

It seems like the older I get the less “fun” I like to have. Sure I still love to have fun but I think my idea of sun has changed since turning 30 and having children. No longer do I want to drink and stay up all night being rowdy and such since now my idea of fun is taking my son to a baseball game or popping some popcorn and watching a movie with my family. I said all that to say this, and no I’m not just rambling believe it or not, I know what I will be doing on Sunday, May 15th. It will be fun, at least in my opinion, because it’s Yankees related. I’ll be sitting on my couch watching a documentary surround Joe DiMaggio and his 56 game hitting streak.

This Sunday at 8:00 pm ET on MLB Network Ed Burns will narrate the latest documentary to be showcased on “MLB Network Presents” when he narrates “56: The Streak.” This day is important because it marks the 75th anniversary of the day that DiMaggio began the streak and record that may never be broken.

I’ll be watching and I thought many of my fellow Yankees fans would like to watch as well so I thought I’d pass along the news. Enjoy!

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