Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Gary Sanchez

The New York Yankees need a shot in the arm not only offensively but in the youth department as well. The Yankees have looked old this far this season and they have under-exceeded expectations that most fans and personnel inside the organization had for this club. It all started in spring training when players like Robert Refsnyder didn’t live up to the hopes of the team defensively at third base and it continued when Gary Sanchez was sent back to Triple-A after struggling to hit the ball with any consistency. Now the Yankees find themselves needing power and a spark and especially from the right side of the plate, could Sanchez once again provide that?

He could but in my opinion he’s likely not going to any time soon. The Yankees seem to want to delay his free agency by a season keeping by him in the minor leagues for a few more weeks and the team frankly doesn’t have a spot for him on the team right now. Sanchez is a catcher by trade and has no other defensive upside other than at the catcher position. New York already has Austin Romine and Brian McCann for that while Alex Rodriguez has finally heated up as the team’s DH leaving Sanchez to toil in the minor leagues until he’s ready or until a need arises.

Sanchez may only be down for a few weeks but if he continues to post the stats that we all have come accustomed to seeing he may not be down for long after that. 


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