Monday, June 6, 2016

ICYMI: Giants Considering a Run at Andrew Miller

Will the Yankees trade Andrew Miller this summer and would they trade him to the San Francisco Giants? Would the Giants top pitching prospect Tyler Beede be enough to acquire the Yankees left-hander and again, would the Yankees want to make the move?

This is how you jump start a rebuild Yankees family but it means the team won't compete in 2016 or 2017. If you're okay with that, and truthfully I am, then Beede would be a great addition to the Yankees staff. If not then you need to hold onto Miller.


  1. i say play the supply and demand game, and get into some bidding wars. I think we can do much better than beede. I'd prefer to hold miller, and that's a huge difference from my normal tone.

    1. just to really show what Im talking about, Kimbrel to the red sox sent 4 players to the padres.

      1- manuel margot, padres #1 prospect, #40 of 100. OF. AAA.
      2. Javier Guerra padres #2 prospect, #53 of 100.A adv.

      then an A level RHP, and a AAA level 2B/3B. both of which are top 15 for padres prospects (not saying much with that).

      Miller has better numbers, more SO, lower ERA, more IP. Kimbrel is younger and more experience closing. this season shows Miller can do anything. don't settle for some loser from the bay area.

    2. Just read an article on about the top 8 worst draft choices in Yankee history and 6 are during the elfs run as Senior VP and GM of baseball operations. Now do you wonder why I think the elf sucks. Please Reed don't tell me Oppenheimer and Newman make the picks and now Gary Denbo because they all answer to the elf. That is a reflection upon him as the buck stops with him. Please don't tell me the scouts make the picks. They make suggestions as my friend is a scout for the Cardinsls so I believe I know the inner workings on the process better than most as I have picked his brain.

      Second it's time to trade Chapman and Beltran now and try and get top talent and not wait till they flame out. Everyday they take the field is a potential injury waiting to happen. Teams are willing to pay more now as they get the player for a longer period of time.

      Lastly we know the elf is the king of the dumpster dive but has not been able to pull off any significant blockbuster trades in the past. Yes you will all tell me about Arod trade. That's was gift wrapped since Boston did not want to pay the money as was the Chapman trade. We have seen terrible deals like getting Granderson and giving up Cole and Jackson at the time and to make matters worse DD also ended up with Scherzer. Cashman got a weak D player who could hit HR's yet strike out over 200 times a year and was suspect hitting left handed pitching. The elf is not the guy I want trading away these pieces as this will set us up for the future and it's a boom or bust time period. Also don't fall in love with this team even if they run a 7 GM win streak. They're frauds

  2. "Stick" Michael.....GM 1991-1995.
    Appointed by George in 1996-2002Vice President of Major League Scouting.
    2004....Vice President & Senior Advisor
    Brien Taylor (1991)
    Matt Drews (1993)
    Dave Parish (2000)
    Eric Duncan (2003)
    CJ Henry (2005)
    Looks as though it was "Stick" giving Cashman wrong advice, if one wants to say Cash was in charge.
    George gave "Stick" those jobs because he made his rep with the Core Four, thinking he would be better with drafting than Cashman who knew his limitations...not a great evaluator of talent. He worked (once again) with people fostered on him by people higher then he.

    1. No No NO NO Mr. Reed thats BS. Stick is a consultant and don't try to spin it any other way. Your boy the elf has been taken to task in a few newspapers the last few days as his last 10 first rd picks including Kaperlin have been busts. Yes Kap is injured and I do think he will be a good 2-3 not an ace. The VP of all Baseball operations is in charge of just that and that Reed is Mr. Elf. The buck stops there. The Tampa Mafia isn't drafting players, its the Elf's people who are making suggestions and that includes the scouts. Face it Reed you and Burch and a maybe one other guy is an elf fan. In the days of GS you could've been the F'ing gm and signed anyone you wanted to. Now that the Coupon Clipper is around he has to build through the draft and so far its not so good, and I really want to hear your excuse why we have no true 1st base replacement when he knew Bird went down? What Hal said know? I was on a plane today with Tony Clark and a scout from the Cubs. I was standing next to them as they were talking about the upcoming draft. Tony Clark is a smart dude.

    2. So what, I could go thru a few Yankee stars that I have talked to and gotten good advice on playing the game...but who cares? You will never understand the way business people work. They need not tell you something they sort of let it come along by others.
      And by the way, Cashman is over ranked by Randy (President), and Trost (Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel)...Hal and those two are the Tampa Cabal. You do understand that the COO means Cashman has never had a free hand, he is just another middle manager as far as they are concerned. If Hal says NO that means NO!
      Nobody around here has said Cashman was one of the best GMs around, some just understand his situation and know he is not as bad as you and some others say he is. One can do only as much as the bosses give them the freedom to do.
      If I had his job, well I wouldn't put up with the crap he has over the years. You say they should get a real good GM to replace him, the good ones wouldn't even come in for an interview.

    3. Reed again no disrespect but your out off your mind. You're going to tell me with a straight face that Tost and Levine outrank the elf and they make decisions on the draft and what FA they sign internationally? You keep saying they outrank him, maybe in business operations but not when it comes to the drafting of players. Where are you coming from? I am sure Levine or Trost handed the card in last year for Kaperlin. They don't know the kid let alone know how to spell his name. Stop talking non sense when it comes to the drafting or signing of international FA players. That's the elf crew who he hired

  3. I didn't mean it that way, Hans. They set down the rules of engagement he has to, contracts, the long-term expectations of the club. Once he didn't have to second-guess Stick" in 2005, he got into the scouting and drafting job starting with Eppler, Oppenheimer.
    They haven't done too bad with the draft in the last 15 years have they? Not as good as we would like, but nobody is hitting the jackpot every year.

    1. Really they haven't done to bad with the draft in last 15 years, you are asking me that? They have done average work at best. No stud arms or stud players. Tell me one stud SP they drafted so far that has made it big in the majors that was on there roster for more than one year? Not Kennedy, Brackman, nor Betances as he was drafted as a starter and failed miserably. Pretty good reliever though. Not Joba, not anyone on the current triple A roster or below.

      Please tell me what everyday player draft pick has had a major impact? Please don't say Gardner. He's a decent player with great legs but a terrible baserunner and a avg arm at best hence playing left field or center field. Please don't say Hughes was a great pitcher because he's in the pen with the Twinkie's. Look at our pitching in the majors or on the farm and its mediocre at best. There were plenty of top flight arms available at 18th pick yet he took and OF and I was tweeting with either Burch or someone else last night and they said he was rated 8th by this service and we got him at 18. So my response was what does the rating mean? It means Squat as we took the 162nd rated kid with the second rd pick at 62 so are you telling me we fleeced everyone before us and we got fleeced in the second rd. Could signing being a problem with this kid and everyone passed or maybe he is viewed by 17 other clubs as just not that good. Ratings and rankings mean shit. Look up Mike Piazza 62 rd. Don Mattingly 29th rd I believe and Andy Pettite. They weren't first round picks so rankings mean shit. That's where your scouts and player personal directors and gm's are supposed to find you the quality player and the elf and his crew haven't done it. Boston has a better farm system and yes they have drafted earlier then us lately, but what about the Cards and the Giants? What about the Rays pitching prospects drafted 2nd rd and later that have become top flight arms, how do they do it? Easy they have better people in their front office and on scouting and player personal. Face it Reed this team has not drafted a stud in the last 15 years, ya I know your response Stick was involved bla bla bla

    2. No "Stick" wasn't in charge, that is the point. He left in 2004 and Cashman took over and revamped the whole system. 2005 till now is one hell of a lot better then it was before 2005. We are still in the catch-up mode as to our system, but making progress fast. This pick was a great one, we don't have any impact outfielders in the system. And don't say Judge, because the opinions are mixed on him yet. That is why it was a good pick. Five tool outfielders are hard to come by, we will have to see if he is a 5 tool player or not...if he really is that is a steal!

    3. I wont say Judge because to me he will be a DH second I bet you a dollar to a donut the kid goes to UCLA. He obviously has sign ability issues if he is that good that he dropped all the way to 18. I believe that had better options on the college front especially with pitchers.

    4. Not that I am 100% banking on Rutherford signing but if you look at some of the guys the Yankees are drafting right now you can see the Yankees are willing to go all in on him.

      College seniors, college closers, Nick Solak etc. They will all sign for $100K - $500K and the rest will go to Rutherford.

    5. They don't have much choice do they?


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