Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Case For and Against Trading Aroldis Chapman

If the New York Yankees are going to trade Andrew Miller, Carlos Beltran and Nathan Eovaldi (hypothetically since those are the players we have covered thus far in this series) then you almost have to trade Aroldis Chapman as well, right? The Yankees basically stole Chapman away from the Cincinnati Reds with a lesser prospect package this winter because of his ties to a domestic violence case and have rode out his 30 game suspension. With that now behind him and the club and after enough of a sample size that shows Chapman is healthy, back and can handle closing out games in the Bronx the Yankees could lose Rookie Davis, Eric Jagielo, Tony Renda, Caleb Cotham and others and turn them indirectly into a whole lot more. That’s only if it makes sense to trade him this summer.

The case for trading Aroldis Chapman:
His contract expires after the season and the Yankees aren’t going anywhere in 2016. 

He would likely fetch much more in a July trade than the Yankees gave up to acquire him this winter. 

I’ve said it four times now but it’s true, the Yankees would finally admit to rebuilding. 

Brian Cashman could buy a couple brownie points back by buying low and selling high. 

The case against trading Aroldis Chapman:

If the Yankees compete for a Wild Card or make a historic second half run the bullpen would be thin and weaker without Chapman. 

The Yankees can’t offer him a qualifying offer after the season and get a draft pick as compensation. 

This may affect a potential and completely hypothetical chance for him in free agency before 2017. 

I can’t think of all that many reasons not to trade the Cuban Missile this summer as long as the Yankees are out of it. His contract is expiring, he’s making a ton of money for a relief pitcher and he would presumably fetch much more than the Yankees gave up for him this winter. If the Yankees continue to fall I can absolutely, 100%, see Chapman packing his bags and wearing his third ever uniform in his short MLB career. 


  1. Not going anywhere. Come over Dan, it's not that bad on the dark side.

    1. I think Chapman is the most likely of them all to be traded

    2. Chapman and Beltran. The elf loves Gardner..most have some pictures of the elf with farm animals

    3. Daryl the visionary awakened in his sleep again, beating heart and cold sweats.

      #1. I hate boston. I hate most things about new england. as a city, it's good from september to mid october, that's it. as a people, they are boring, and that god aweful accent. and the roads are the stupidest, most confusing roads on the planet.

      rant done, step forward.

      Boston has already promoted a bunch of players the past couple years, bradley, bogaerts, betts, holt, someone else, uhhh.

      They STILL have 3 players on top 100 prospects list better than our #1, matteo.

      we aren't doing a thing this season, so who cares. Hans and I have been saying this since, what ken? Last september?

      Let's look to trade chapman to boston. who cares about the rest of this season? ANYONE would benefit from chapman. greatly.


      yea, it's "helping" boston. but is it? if we can get some of their (ie one of the top 3 prospects, and then 1-2 lesser prospects), it will help this season, when we dont really care, benefit us by adding talent, AND benefit us by removing a couple pieces of their talented farm system going forth.

      Im sure he will still want to test free agency, so that shouldnt be a problem.

      I think it's genius, but cashman is an asshole.


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