Wednesday, June 1, 2016

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

My apologies in advance if you’re a fan of these posts but with my buddy coming in from the Navy and the whole Memorial Day holiday I am a day or two behind on my news and blog posts. Have no fear though as we are getting caught back up today with another weekly edition of the USA Today’s MLB Power Rankings. The Yankees had another good week, although it’s getting to the point where the team needs great weeks to get back into this thing, and it showed in the rankings.

Another team that had a good week this week was the San Francisco Giants who were the week’s biggest risers as they jumped eight spots in the rankings all the way to the #2 position. The Washington Nationals had held the #2 position for basically the entire season but they had to know it was an even year meaning the Giants would be in the thick of things when the season was all said and done. With every rise you must have a fall and the Chicago White Sox roller coaster season continued this week with the team dropping from the #3 slot all the way to the #13 spot. In case you didn’t bring a calculator or lost a finger in Vietnam that is a 10 spot drop for the Chi Sox.

With all the shakeups in the Top 5 the new Top 5 list is the Chicago Cubs, the San Francisco Giants, the Boston Red Sox, the Washington Nationals and the New York Mets. The five teams you don’t want to be on this list, also known as the five lowest teams in the rankings, are the Oakland Athletics, the San Diego Padres, the Minnesota Twins, the Cincinnati Reds and the Atlanta Braves.

The Yankees? The Yankees rose three spots all the way to the #19 position. It’s not where you want to be in the immortal words of manager Joe Girardi but it’s a trend in the right direction and I guess you have to take what you can get at this point. Rising equals winning so keep on winning and keep on rising. That’s the plan.

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