Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Boycott the Yankees: Isn’t It Sad?

You know what Yankees family I came to a realization over the weekend. The New York Yankees have broken my heart and I’m not sure what they can will do to fix it. Now usually I am the fan that will sit through every inning of every game no matter if the Yankees are up 20-0 or losing 20-0, I just love baseball. I love baseball so much that I would watch any and all baseball that is nationally televised simply because I cannot get enough. This weekend though it was a different story and this week hasn’t started out much better either. On Friday night I watched until the Red Sox put up a five spot on the Yankees before turning it off and I did the same on Saturday afternoon as well. Sunday I didn’t even bother watching because what’s the point? Long story short the Yankees won Sunday but isn’t it sad that this team and the way it has been put together and constructed has essentially sucked all the baseball happiness out of me?

I can’t be the only one that feels burned out, can I? I mean it feels like every run the pitching allows feels like three runs and every lead the Yankees get doesn’t feel safe until or unless the three-headed monster is brought into the game. This team stinks, we all know that, but I guess what is depressing me the most is that there is no salvation in sight. And save the whole “we’re rebuilding for the 2018 season and beyond” garbage because, at least the way I feel right now, I’m not buying it.

The Yankees will have money coming off the board but until or unless they show that they will not only spend it but spend it right what does it matter? The last time the Yankees went on a huge spending spree they added two contract that they are now hoping to unload just a few seasons later. I personally loved and clamored for the Masahiro Tanaka and Brian McCann contracts but the Jacoby Ellsbury contract has disaster written all over it. Who is to say the team won’t take the money given to Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, Carlos Beltran and others and give it to another drop in the bucket player whose best days are behind them?

I guess I’ve just lost all confidence in the team and the front office and that’s truly not fair. It’s the mindset now. Do your best (elsewhere), get the big contract (here) and rake in the dollars rather than the wins and the hits. It’s an attitude that we the fans have allowed by continually pouring our money into this game we love. That’s why we need to take this team back, take this stadium back and take the whole damn organization back. Let’s see how Hal would like operating the team in the red year in and year out like his dad did. We can’t do little to nothing (double negative, sue me I’m ranting) and expect something to come of it. That’s crazy. Just like this team is being run. Crazy.

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