Monday, July 25, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Aroldis Chapman Traded to Chicago Cubs

Just a quick post here since I'm at work, will update this later.

Aroldis Chapman has been traded to the Chicago Cubs for four players including top prospect Gleyber Torres (SS), outfielder Billy McKinney, RHP Adam Warren and one other.

Stay tuned.


  1. Hey, amazing work on cashman's part. I said if he signed his 2 picks, and handled Chapman well, I would give credit. I mark him with "amazing", an upgrade from great, because he got Adam Warren, a player that I have thoroughly (and I know you have too, Dan, Hans, and others) bitched about losing. (I know he has a high era, but I have faith)

    Essentially converted a few mediocre names into 2 top 100s, Warren, and a filler.

    If this is where it stops, I'm satisfied. Let's see what happens the next 4 games. Sadly, Beltran still needs to go... I'd say Rangers (since fielder is out), but nationals, mets, Id like. But it's time for the kraken.

    1. I would throw in Tex, A-Rod and CC maybe even McCann unless they trade one of Romine or Sanchez.
      I can see the writing on the wall for Castro and Hicks...bye, bye!

    2. Agree, Daryl. Unfortunately I think this bought Cashman another extension but this was a great bunch of trades in a calendar year.

      He bought low on Starlin Castro and then bought low on Chapman. The biggest piece he gave up for Castro he got back (so we basically got Castro and Brendan Ryan's roster spot) for free and then got two great prospects including the Cubs top prospect for Rookie Davis, Eric Jagielo, Tony Renda and Caleb Cotham.

      He absolutely robbed the Cubs and anyone who says otherwise (I'm sure Hans would) is wrong. Bottom line.

    3. Amen, Daniel, one can't be the GM for the Yankees or any other team without being good at their job...not great but much better than what has been shown over the last few years.
      Some forget he is the boss as GM but has a few bosses over him and one thing people that work for a living know is...the Boss is the boss and one needs follow orders or quit.


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