Monday, July 25, 2016

Player Profile: Gleyber Torres

Now that Chicago Cubs former #1 prospect Gleyber Torres is a New York Yankee many may be wondering who exactly this young shortstop is... Torres is a Venezuelen born shortstop who signed with the Chicago Cubs in 2013. He then made his professional debut in 2014 when he made his debut with the Arizona League Cubs. Torres was not there for long as then he got the call up to the Cubs Low-A affiliate, the Boise Hawks. In 50 games in 2014 he hit .297/.386/.440 with two home runs. He was then promoted to their Myrtle Beach affiliate for the 2015 season, which many look at as his breakout year.

In 2016, Torres is currently batting .275/.359/.433 in 94 games with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. Many scouts say that Torres plays very mature for his age and even though he is a 19 year old playing professional baseball, it sure doesn't seem like it.

Scouting grades: Hit: 60 | Power: 45 | Run: 55 | Arm: 60 | Field: 55 | Overall: 55 Many scouts are comparing the young phenom to a young Derek Jeter. He is a young kid who can hit for contact and has a solid arm. Keith Law, explained that Torres' approach to the plate on an 0-2 count is equivalent to Jeters's was. He also states this with Torres' type of talent he could land himself within the top 5 prospects as soon as next year.

With Torres becoming a New York Yankee today he will now be packing his bags to go play in High-A with the Yankees #2 prospect Jorge Mateo. The plan as of now would be to most likely move Torres to second base and keep Mateo at short. Both are expected to be in the majors by 2018 so it will be interesting to see them move up the ranks together in the Yankees farm system side by side.

Torres currently ranks as the #1 prospect in the Yankees system, right in front of new teammate Jorge Mateo, also ranks him as the #24 prospect in the MLB as well as being the #8 shortstop prospect.


  1. So I guess if nothing happens to any of them we may have an infield of Mateo, Torres and Wilkerman "Willy" Garcia in 2018-19!

    1. Personally, this is how I feel the Yankees 2019 opening day lineup will look:
      C- Gary Sanchez
      1B- Greg Bird
      2B- Glyeber Torres
      SS- Didi Gregorious
      3B- Starlin Castro
      LF- Aaron Judge
      CF- Jacoby Ellsbury
      RF- Bryce Harper

    2. Welcome again Patrick H...
      You really think Hal would come up with the money for Bryce Harper?
      It would be nice, of course!
      I like your thinking for 2019, with a small changer or two...

      C- Luis Torrens
      1B- Greg Bird
      2B-Glyeber Torres
      SS- "Willy" Garcia
      3B- Didi Gregorious
      RF- Aaron Judge
      CF- Jorge Metao
      LF- Bryce Harper

    3. So what happened to Jacoby Ellsbury? DH?

    4. I think Reed was hoping that Ellsbury finally realized that he was being overpaid, felt guilty, and retired early. lol!

  2. Don't for get this is for the year 2019 not 2017...
    Castro has a long ways to go to become a good 2nd baseman, or a good hitter for that matter...gone trade or cut!
    Ells, they eat part of his contract and trade him!
    You guys have a dream team for 2019...a somewhat realistic one?


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