Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Domingo Acevedo

You know it's a shame, in my opinion of course, that Domingo Acevedo was not chosen to represent the Yankees in the XM Futures Game. It's especially a shame since Jorge Mateo will not represent the team this afternoon inside Petco Park but it's whatever. That doesn't mean Acevedo hasn't been the absolute stud that we all know he has it just means there are only so many spots and only so many talented players can fill them. Acevedo deserves to be there though, again in my opinion.

If it's bothering Acevedo it's not showing in his on-the-field product though. Check it out.

2016 22 A-A+ 4 3 2.40 13 13 1 1 71.1 60 24 19 3 13 76 1.023 7.6 0.4 1.6 9.6
2016 22 A 3 1 1.90 8 8 0 0 42.2 34 13 9 1 7 48 0.961 7.2 0.2 1.5 10.1
2016 22 A+ 1 2 3.14 5 5 1 1 28.2 26 11 10 2 6 28 1.116 8.2 0.6 1.9 8.8
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  1. Daniel, what do you think (if Miller and/or Chapman) are traded bringing up "Ace" for the 7th, Dellin. I have asked this before but nobody wanted to take a shot at it.

    1. I'm not Daniel, nor do I know as much about prospects, but isn't he a bit young/inexperienced? He's 22 and is currently in A+ (with only 28.1 innings there so far).

      And I've always said... a guy is a starter until he proves he can't do it.

    2. You are right Bryan, I have nothing against him being a starter at all, but history teaches us a pitcher without three or more workable pitches has a lot of trouble as a starter.
      As a pitcher that had to have more than two pitches, if I went into a relief situation with only two pitches I could count on...let's just say it wasn't fun at all.
      Even though "Ace" gets upward of 97+ a few, has a good change-up (which I like very much) he has only speaking relationship with his slider (which I hate). They do have confidence in his ability to learn another pitch because he has good wrist action.
      He could learn what he needs in the bullpen as many others have as he learns from older pitchers.
      Just my opinion, what think you?

    3. Let me add...
      He is young and if we want (need) him for next year, now is a good time to see what he can do in the BP.
      Coshow is another one I like, 95-97+ FB, Big time Slider and a so-so change-up.
      Kaprielian will be 22 as will be "Ace" with Coshow 24 next year.
      Unless there is a good reason, I say 22 + is not too young if the talent is there.
      But then, I am in the minority...maybe!?!?!

    4. 2+ 3/4 things-

      I read scouting reports on Acevedo from 2015- shows lack of control on FB and slider. which is fine. sounds like severino. but he's pitching in AAA to a 3.16. pro hitters would make ya pay quickly. again, that's a year old though.

      2. I've been trying to find ways to watch Celtics basketball and minor league baseball for free online. I figured out the basketball, but couldn't figure out MiLB. thought they would both be expensive. yea, just saw it... 12.99 a year for MiLB.TV. significantly less than I thought.

      0.75- Lucas Giolito made the AA to Majors jump, and he was the top prospect. I don't see a A+ to majors. however, the guys in Trenton are doing well, so there should be some upward movement. why not, especially if the majority aren't really part of the long term plan.
      Then I was looking about the Pirates' James Taillon. So he was a highly rated prospect a few years ago, pitched in AA in 2013, was out 2014 with TJS, then out 2015 for a hernia. Came back, pitched 10 games in AAA, and has been called up to the pirates a few times. Good for him! Impressive, especially after missing so much time. only 10 starts at AAA. (Yankees, on the other hand, lose a player to a labrum tear for 12 months, then gets dropped from Scranton to Tampa. excellent.).

    5. I have no trouble with that Daryl, only because everyone has a different idea about handling comeback players.
      I would let them work back into shape slowly. There is a fine line between to slow, too fast and frustration. With me, I always wanted them to show me the work, effort, and the most important part...the mental toughness it takes to do your job with NO reservations. I put one back into action to soon, he froze and I had to write a letter to the family, not only his but others along with him.
      It is a fine line, hold them back to long and you have...Mateo!
      To soon, one has...Hicks/Sax!

    6. Acevedo is a nice piece but there is no alternate universe where he is MLB ready right now. He's not. Trust me, I want him to be. He's not. Not enough innings, not enough experience and not enough feel and command for all his pitches and his stuff. Not yet Reed. Two more years minimum if I was guessing.

    7. Ken and Daryl,
      Thanks for the information.

  2. Ok, Daniel and Daryl, ok, so it doesn't take an expert to know he isn't ready for full time ML baseball.
    Everything you guys said is right but, I like the alternate universe and Sept is the alternate universe, a time to show them what they need to learn. Telling them is not as good as showing them. In the real universe "Ace" is a late 2017 early 2018 pitcher, maybe sooner! Some think he will never be anything other than a BP pitcher because of his being so heavy for his hight...CC did alright!
    Oh well, back to my dream world!


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