Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Gary Sanchez

With the trade deadline looming you always have to wonder about certain prospects and whether they are going to make it through the storm in New York. While Yankees GM Brian Cashman has shown some reluctance to trade away top prospects in recent years there is always that deal that is too good to pass up or too good to believe and any such deal could potentially involve today’s check in showcase Gary Sanchez.

Sanchez has survived a lot of these trading deadlines with New York and truth be told he’ll likely survive this one as well but you always kind of hold your breath a little bit until the deadline is over. At least I always do. Here is what the Yankees could potentially be trading away this week, not that I have any inside information or anything. Just pure speculation and “what if’s” being tossed around just like everyone else. 


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