Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Meet a Prospect: Gleyber Torres

The New York Yankees have essentially turned little into something and then something into a whole lot in less than a calendar year and it all revolves around left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman. The Yankees sent a little, most notably Rookie Davis and Eric Jagielo, into Aroldis Chapman this winter only to turn him around before the August 1st trading deadline for the Chicago Cubs top prospect Gleyber Torres, Adam Warren and two others. The other three will have their day on the blog but Torres is the centerpiece of the deal so let’s meet him Yankees family. This is Meet a Prospect: The Gleyber Torres Edition.

Torres is a 19-year old shortstop prospect that was ranked at the top of the Cubs farm system at the time of the trade. You would have to think that Torres will also rank at the top of the Yankees farm system as well but I am compiling my list now and will likely bring that post-Chapman trade prospects list to you tomorrow. Until then Keith Law had Torres ranked 26th overall on his most recent prospects list while Baseball America had him ranked 41st overall before the season.

Torres has a quick right-handed swing and uses great pitch recognition, patience and maturity to spray the ball all over the field. Torres is still growing into his body and still working on pulling the ball but when he does he could hit 15-20 home runs inside Yankee Stadium. Torres, even with this growth, should still be able to stick at shortstop but could always move to third base due to his strong arm and average speed.

Torres will head to A-Ball with Jorge Mateo and look to improve on his .275 batting average, 19 stolen bases and nine home runs he has put up thus far this season. Torres joins a talented group of shortstops in the Yankees system but he just may tower over them all at this point in their careers. This is an exciting grab from Brian Cashman. I’m very excited to welcome Gleyber Torres to not only the organization but to the Yankees family as well.

More to come as we learn more about our new top prospect. Enjoy. 


  1. Just do it ! Lets get this done,

    For those of you, that are holding out for a wild card berth. My sympathy.

    This card game is going no where.
    Great pick-up in the Chapman trade. So let's do more of it, and shred
    contract money.

    Want more top flight talent ? Sure you do.
    Put these mugs on Angie's List..........
    Castro.......etc. Clear the decks.

    What a great chum slick. What will rise to the surface ? Twasp ?

    If you are lucky....a gem, maybe two ? three ? JUST DO IT !

    This is NOT a long term rebuild. With smarts, you hit hard during
    the winter 2016-17, and go at it strong.
    To wait for a wild card berth at the end of this season is nuts. Dumb.

  2. Like it! Maybe we should combine the one that I wrote and this one

    1. I like the varying opinions, and views. You know? No one just wants to hear me babble all day long.

  3. Well, 2016 is done, 2017 could be a bit better...don't bet the house on it!

    2018-19 is where the truth will be shown or not, depending on what Cashman does or, Hal let's him do. No need to buy 3 or 4 players with big contracts...the future is in the hands of the Kids...play them now (at expansion time)!

    1. 2017 could be better. Not World Series better, but better. Assuming health you have Teixeira's low .200 average gone and Greg Bird in. Others as well. Although you lose Carlos Beltran.

    2. True Daniel, but by the time 2018 comes around we will have the best of our Farm system able to show what they have. And if Cashman can grab a player here and there to fill in where we would be light in our own talent.
      That is when the team will be the King of the hill. WE have a lot of talent a year or two away....they are not super stars, but they can play the game the right way...hard and hungry!


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