Sunday, July 3, 2016

Where the Hell is CC Sabathia?

If you read my game preview earlier for this afternoon's contest you know that this was CC Sabathia's start and not Chad Green's. For some reason the New York Yankees have decided to push Sabathia back a day despite his ability, and love, for hitting but why? Is it because he rolled his ankle twice in his start before last? Is it because he has reverted back to the CC we have come to loathe over his last two starts or is it something else? Something more important? Maybe that degenerative knee condition is rearing its ugly head again?

You have to remember that the knee condition will be something that CC will battle not only for the remainder of his playing career but the remainder of his life. Brian Cashman and others have stated that CC needs the knee drained three or four times a year because of all the fluid build up and all that new knee brace is going to do is help and prolong the real issue. There is no fix here.

Mixing this news that his start will be pushed back along with the fact that he has struggled in each of his last two starts concerns me. How is the groin muscle? How are the hamstrings? How are the ankles? The knee? CC's lower body concerns me every single start but I am really concerned now after this start.

Do the Yankees just want to give him, and subsequently Masahiro Tanaka as well, an extra day of rest or do they not want to even risk CC having to run the bases? They have never had that concern before, at least not externally that we know about, so I am beginning to worry about the Yankees big left-hander. Are the Yankees trying to get him through to the All-Star Game or even the trade deadline or am I simply looking too much into this thing? I'm not really sure but you'll have to excuse me for being a pessimist with this team and what they say as opposed to what is actually going on as far as injuries go.

Stay well CC.

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