Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aaron Hicks Sucks. Bench Him.

EDIT: I don't want to hear about a 12 game sample size when I am using multiple seasons as a sample size in my side of the argument. Don't bother, I won't acknowledge.

Many have been granted the honor of having every single at bat scrutinized and called out by the crew here at the Greedy Pinstripes but we will anoint one more soul before the end of the 2016 regular season, his name is Aaron Hicks and he sucks. Many have heard the chants before him. Stephen Drew sucks. Chase Headley sucks, although he turned it around after hearing it for a month or so, and Mark Teixeira sucks to name a few but now it’s Hicks turn and here is why he sucks and why the Yankees need to bench him. Now.

Aaron Hicks was acquired in the offseason from the Minnesota Twins to be an occasional fourth outfielder and replacement for Chris Young but for whatever reason in Joe Girardi’s infinite wisdom he has become basically an everyday player for New York. Hicks has had a load of excuses made for him for his lack of hitting, it takes switch hitters a lot longer to get going because they have to fine tune both swings as an example of one of those excuses, but there is absolutely no excuse for what we are seeing day in and day out. His defense sucks, or at the very least is not nearly as good as advertised, and his ability to do simple things like run the bases, steal bags and bunt have been downright terrible. Turrible in fact.

Hicks hasn’t hit right-handed pitchers and he hasn’t hit left-handed pitchers either. His UZR/150 is negative and so is his fWAR and his batting average at the time of this writing is below .200. This is all going down while the Yankees have a farm system absolutely overflowing with talented outfielders including Aaron Judge (who has been called up), Ben Gamel, Tyler Austin (who has also been called up to play first base), Clint Frazier and Jake Cave to name a few and all while the Yankees are losing games. Bench him, designate him for assignment or give him away for a bag of baseballs. I don’t care at this point. You can all point out the Jackie Bradley Jr. comparisons all you want and commend Boston for the patience they showed their young outfielder but there is one difference that many people don’t point out, this is for you Mr. Cashman, when they make those statements. Bradley struggled for a year in the Major Leagues when the Red Sox waited him out, Hicks has been struggling for many years now. It’s all about sample size and the sample is big enough and the writing is on the wall… you just have to take off the rose-colored glasses to see it.

Aaron Hicks sucks. Wish him goodbye, please?


  1. Haha you're too nice! I wish pain on him!

    He blocked me on instagram because I commented "please retire" on his picture lol

  2. I admit, I was one that said give him an everyday shot for a few weeks and see what happens. I also said, if he doesn't cut it...cut him!
    Now I must concur with you, Daniel!

  3. He just dropped a ball in left. Stopped to upset about it while the ball is on the ground while another run scored

  4. Then let the very next ball go over his head,He NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM THE ROSTER

  5. 15 .5 game lead is all but gone! Will be the single biggest choke in MLB history


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