Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Are You the Biggest New York Yankees Fan in the World? wants to know who the biggest fan of the New York Yankees is in the world. Is it you? Are you willing to make a video professing your fandom and passion for the team in order to be crowned the biggest Yankee fan inside Yankee Stadium next month when the team plays host to the Los Angeles Dodgers? Keep reading.

Here is how you enter the contest:

Make and post a video showing how you are the biggest Yankees fan.
Upload the video to Wix’s Facebook Page and comment on the contest post.
Include the hashtag #BiggestYankeesFan

The deadline to do this is 11:59 pm ET on Monday, September 5th. If you want to include a Greedy Pinstripes reference in your video we wouldn’t be mad. Just as long as you win. Enter, it should be fun!

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, September 7th and will be honored on Tuesday, September 13th in the Bronx when the Yankees play host to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

For more information visit Good luck all!

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