Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nathan Eovaldi, Non-Tender Candidates & the Yankees

MLB Trade Rumors does an absolutely fantastic job on their site not only bringing you rumors, whispers and news but also they do a wonderful job at their original and unique content. One of those such articles I read over the weekend was an article titled "8 High-Priced Non-Tender Candidates" and it originally caught my eye because Nathan Eovaldi was one of the eight. What made me want to write this article was the other seven candidates and whether, assuming they are indeed non-tendered this offseason, any of them would make sense for the 2017 Yankees. 

The seven non-tender candidates according to the above linked article include the New York Mets first baseman Lucas Duda, Colorado Rockies RHP Jake McGee, Arizona Diamondbacks RHP Shelby Miller, Minnesota Twins RHP Tommy Milone, Minnesota Twins third baseman Trevor Plouffe, Washington Nationals outfielder Ben Revere and St. Louis Cardinals RHP and closer Trevor Rosenthal. The names that obviously stand up off the page above the rest are Shelby Miller and Jake McGee (not because he is nearly as talented as Miller but because of his power arm, the fact that he is American League East tested and the fact that the Yankees could use another power arm or two in their bullpen).

If the Yankees could get Shelby Miller, and trust me I cannot see in a million years the Arizona Diamondbacks giving up the #1 overall draft pick for Miller only to non-tender him a season later, you have to jump on that every day of the week and twice on Sunday. He's struggled but he is healthy and so damn talented. Sign him up. Jake McGee is another I think the Yankees will look at after seeing so much of him with the Tampa Bay Rays. He was a great arm for them but he has struggled in Colorado and on the road as well. He has battled injuries this season and effectiveness as well but he would immediately slot in as the 6th inning guy for the Yankees if signed. No pressure, just flaming fastballs.

I can't see the Yankees signing any of these seven guys although I can see them working out a multi-year deal with Eovaldi essentially making his 2017 season a wash while they hope for his recovery in 2018. If not it may be bust for the Yankees as far as non-tenders go but that isn't exactly the worst thing in the world anyway, is it?

Oh and in case you were wondering here is what the crew at MLBTR had to say about Mr. Eovaldi:

Nathan Eovaldi, SP, Yankees (5+, $5.6MM)

Despite his struggles, Eovaldi seemed for much of the year to be a fairly sure thing to be tendered a contract. He continued to show signs of promise in spite of the inconsistencies — a career-best 9.3% swinging strike rate, for instance — and at worst would appear to be a late-inning pen candidate with a fastball that sits at 97 even when he’s starting. But a devastating elbow injury means that Eovaldi won’t pitch next year. The Yankees aren’t likely to pay up just to prepare the righty for free agency, so the only way he stays in New York is through some kind of multi-year arrangement.

Early prediction: Non-tender, barring multi-year agreement

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