Sunday, August 28, 2016

Should the Yankees Take a Waiver on Desmond Jennings?

I know, I know but hear me out. The Yankees are absolutely stacked at the outfield position right now but talent is talent. Should the Yankees take a waiver on the soon-to-be free agent Desmond Jennings?

Jennings was once thought to be one of the future stars of the league for the Rays but now the 29-year old has succumbed to multiple leg injuries that have seemingly slowed down his development. Jennings has already fought a hamstring injury this season and is set to come off the disabled list with a knee injury when the Tampa Bay Rays are expected to release him.

Jennings was solid from 2011 - 2014 for Tampa Bay hitting .249/.327/.405 with 47 home runs and 86 stolen bases but since then the former Rays center fielder has slumped and slowed considerably. Jennings stopped hitting, stopped hitting for power and stopped stealing bases due to his injuries which caused Tampa to bench him.

So why would the Yankees want him? They have a plethora of outfield options heading into next season and many of them are younger, project higher and are flat out better on paper. In a word, they wouldn't. It depends on the deal though. Would Jennings be willing to sign a minor league deal while still on the Rays dime for the remainder of this season? Maybe. If so, sign him up. Rosters expand next week and he has talent that you don't tend to find on the free agent market these days. Especially on a minor league deal. If not, then you pass.

Jennings will sign with someone. He's still a quality defender in the outfield according to multiple defensive metrics, although not UZR 150, he's still young and he would make a great bounce back or fourth outfielder option for most teams. Unfortunately just not for this team. I have to pass unless it's on a minor league deal.

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