Tuesday, August 23, 2016

USA Today’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

Another good week of baseball in the Bronx and another week that the USA Today really didn’t notice. What’s going on here? Is the publication simply waiting for the youth movement to fail and for the Yankees to fall? Do they not believe this team has a legit shot, and I am not saying I think they do or they don’t by this statement before I get flamed in the comments section and on Twitter, at making a run at the second Wild Card playoff spot in the American League? What’s really going on here guys? Explain…

The Yankees finished the week still at the #17 slot in the rankings, no movement whatsoever. To round out the rest of the American League East the Toronto Blue Jays finished 5th while the Boston Red Sox finished 6th overall in the rankings. The Baltimore Orioles finished the week ninth while the Tampa Bay Rays finished the week in the #22 spot.

The Top Five teams according to the rankings are the #1 Chicago Cubs, the #2 Washington Nationals, the #3 Cleveland Indians, the #4 Texas Rangers and the #5 Toronto Blue Jays. The five worst teams according to these same rankings are the #26 Oakland Athletics, the #27 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the #28 Minnesota Twins, the #29 Arizona Diamondbacks and the #30 Atlanta Braves. It’s always the Cubs at the top and always the Braves at the bottom. Always.

The biggest rise of the week went to the Kansas City Royals who rose Six spots to the #13 position, congratulations to them. The biggest fall of the week went to the Milwaukee Brewers who fell three spots to the #25, try to pick that up next week.

This is one of the final set of rankings before the August 31st waiver-wire trade deadline so check in next week and the week after so we can diagnose just what went down, if anything, and how it may affect the potential playoff pushes this season. 

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