Tuesday, August 23, 2016

While We Wait: Praying for Doc Gooden’s Health as Well

Last week I asked for you all to think and/or pray for Bob Watson as he revealed that he was fighting kidney failure that left him with just a few more years to live and tonight apparently we need that same focus and power for former Mets and Yankees pitcher Doc Gooden. Gooden was last seen inside Yankee Stadium during a ceremony in which the Yankees honored their 1996 World Series Championship squad and I have to admit that my first impressions of Doc was not a good one. Doc looked skinny, almost sickly, and of course my first thought went to him and his past struggles with cocaine addiction. It turns out I may have been right in my assumptions.

Dwight Gooden Jr. issued a statement on Sunday thanking former teammates including former Yankees and Mets teammate Daryl Strawberry for their concerns about his father’s health. It seems that Doc is still fighting his cocaine addiction and is in “horrible” condition per Strawberry in a statement made to the New York Daily News on Sunday.

Doc denied all allegations of use, and why wouldn’t he?, and says he is fine but I don’t buy it. Doc I highly doubt you are reading this but if you are pay attention and listen. I know what your son is going through because I too had a father who battled addiction to drugs his entire life. My father died because of his addiction to drugs and I always felt a little twinge of guilt because of it. Don’t do that to your son. Put the crap down and shape up or you may be shipping out and where you are going there is no coming back from. Let it sink it, please!

Prayers for Doc, his son Doc Jr., and the entire Gooden family and friends circle. You’re going to need it.

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