Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Gleyber Torres

The Yankees top shortstop prospect is set to learn from the best, more on this later, next month which raises the question. How good can Gleyber Torres possibly be before it is all said and done? I won’t let you in on who “the best” is but if you’re curious check back in with the blog later on today and we’ll share it with you. Torres, with the help of this special advisor and coach, has everything he needs to be special for the Yankees.

He has the makeup, he has the talent and now he’ll have the coaching to aid in his development. The Yankees are taking this whole youth movement thing serious it seems and it is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Congratulations Gleyber and good luck going forward.

Here is what Mr. Torres did this week for the Yankees and has done all season in High-A Ball: 

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