Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekend Finale Open Thread

For this weekend finale open thread I just have one question for anyone and everyone reading this? Why does the typical work week seem to just drag and drag and drag while you can nod off for a second or stop to breathe on the weekend and it's over? Something seems wrong about that, maybe it's a conspiracy theory. Does the universal timer get put on 2X speed during the weekend and 0.5X throughout the week? I need to speak to someone on this and if the blog goes quiet you know I asked the wrong person the wrong question in the wrong position. President Obama I'm looking at you when I say this.

I am kidding obviously, well hopefully, but seriously this weekend has once again flown by and now it's over. Here is a weekend finale open thread for you guys and girls. I hope you had as awesome of a weekend as I did with my family and children. See you back at it tomorrow bright and early. Good night Yankees family!

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