Thursday, August 25, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Blake Rutherford

Blake Rutherford returned off the bench this week after apparently suffering from some sort of knee injury or condition. Rutherford was never officially placed on the disabled list so it was likely nothing major, especially considering that most of us in the loop never even heard about it, but when a young guy who relies on his legs has a lower body injury you always hold your breath a little bit regardless. Am I right?

So Rutherford is back and ready to make up for lost time. Let’s see what he’s been up to this week: 

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201619Yankees West83036113046.240.333.400.733


  1. yea, the dude came back from the knee issue. put up some bad #s for a few days kicking the rust off. but is back to crushing it.

    A longshot, but I'm betting he finishes next season in Trenton.

    1. He was drafted out of High School, 19-years old or not, so Trenton may be a push. I mean it could happen but I just can't see it. The Yankees just aren't that aggressive with their prospects unfortunately.


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