Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Gary Sanchez

The future in New York may be right now for a few key prospects including the Yankees top catching prospect Gary Sanchez. After the flurry of activity before and at the August 1st trading deadline the Yankees had some newfound roster flexibility and they looked to fill those vacant roster spots with players from within their farm system, players like our weekly check in showcase for the day Gary Sanchez.

Sanchez has since recorded his first start at catcher, his first hit and RBI and a whole lot more but most importantly it looks like he belongs. He looks like he thinks he belongs and by watching him I have to agree that he looks more than MLB ready. I won't go as far as to make the Derek Jeter comparison but it's close in my opinion (based on his "cool as a cucumber" attitude, not his on the field presence, stats or anything like that).

Let's see what El Gary Sanchez has been up to as he presumably graduated from our weekly prospects check in to a daily special here in the Bronx:

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