Monday, August 8, 2016

Yankees Off Day Walk Up Music Recommendation for Greg Bird

The New York Yankees learned this weekend that Mark Teixeira would be calling it a career at the end of the 2016 MLB season. Many wondered if New York would bring Teixeira back on a cheap one-year deal or even offer him a qualifying offer after Greg Bird went down with a shoulder injury in spring training before the season but with that option now off the board I believe the Yankees are now all-in on Bird, whether they really want to be or not.

To be fair Bird has already resumed baseball activities including throwing, swinging a bat and such so he should be more than ready, or at the very least the Yankees should know one way or the other the status of that shoulder, by spring training 2017. Since the Yankees now presumably have to rely on him so heavily next season, and since we haven't talked much about him this season to be fair, I wanted to use this off day as an opportunity to look ahead a bit and listen to the music we will hear every time the lefty steps up to the plate inside Yankee Stadium next season.

When Bird steps to the plate inside Yankee Stadium the song "Right Above It" by Lil Wayne can be heard blaring through the speakers in the Bronx... and that same song can be heard blaring through your speakers now on this off day. Enjoy.


  1. Interesting selection, what about "Hype" by Drake

  2. Dan- curious about something. Is there a stat that reflects runs allowed for inherited runners? Like, I know Adam warren hasn't given up an earned run, but he has allowed runners to score, which count as Earned runs for previous pitchers. is there a stat that reflects this?

    ie a pitcher comes into a game with bases loaded no outs, gives up a triple, then strikes out the next 3 batters. vs. a pitcher comes into a game with bases loaded, and strikes out the next 3 batters.

    1. Yes there is a stat for that. I'll find it when I'm not on my phone and driving. It's something like IR-A% and I think it's on fangraphs. It's not on baseball Reference for sure.

    2. Ok Daryl, I was close but no cigar. It was Fox Sports that has the inherited run stat and it's IRS and IRS%. Sue me LOL.

      As you can see Warren, granted this includes his time with the Cubs as well, has allowed 16 inherited runs to score this season which is good for a 40.7% IRS. Terrible. Again, he was terrible in Chicago.

      I haven't found a place that will break it down and show his NYY numbers only.


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