Saturday, August 13, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Tyler Austin

The time has come ladies and gentleman to usher in a new generation of players to the New York Yankees now that Alex Rodriguez has officially been released from his contract unconditionally and will no longer be in uniform for the club. What a bittersweet night last night was. While it was bittersweet for some and presumably awful for Alex to not go out on your own terms you have to think that players like Tyler Austin are quietly sitting in the corner fist pumping like crazy now that he, Aaron Judge, Ben Gamel, Clint Frazier and others will get a shot at the show.

Here is what Austin has done down at Triple-A since taking over the first base duties which goes to show you that if anyone deserved a call up and deserved to take Alex’s spot, it was him. Enjoy and Happy Saturday. 


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