Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Looking Back at My 2016 AL East Predictions

I had high hopes for the 2016 season, I really did. Back before the regular season began I was predicting the major awards, the division races and the playoffs and World Series like I do before every season when I may have turned a few heads. Despite the Yankees adding exactly ZERO Major League free agents in the offseason I had the New York Yankees winning 90 games in 2016 and taking the second Wild Card in the American League. For a long time during this second half that was a distinct possibility but now it seems like those chances have simply gone by the wayside. Oh well, here are my predictions that I made in Spring Training 2016.

Toronto Blue Jays (94-68)
New York Yankees (90-72)
Boston Red Sox (88-74)
Tampa Bay Rays (85-77)
Baltimore Orioles (77-85)

Kansas City Royals (98-64)
Cleveland Indians (93-69)
Detroit Tigers (89-73)
Chicago White Sox (81-81)
Minnesota Twins (74-88)

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (91-71)
Texas Rangers (86-76)
Houston Astros (85-77)
Oakland Athletics (80-82)
Seattle Mariners (69-93)

Wild Card #1 Winner: Cleveland Indians

Wild Card #2 Winner: New York Yankees

How well did I do? Well if you ignore the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Seattle Mariners, the Kansas City Royals, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Baltimore Orioles predictions I didn’t do half bad. Six bad predictions (including the Yankees) out of 15, well yeah that almost is half bad actually. In baseball though a .500 average gets me in the Hall of Fame but a .500 record likely gets me canned. Good thing I’m just a blogger I guess.

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