Monday, September 12, 2016

Weekly Prospects Check In: Clint Frazier

The New York Yankees have many of their minor league affiliates in the postseason this season including their Triple-A squad the Scranton/Wilkes Barre RailRiders. Those fans living in the Scranton/Wilkes Barre area are absolutely spoiled in the baseball department this season, aren't they? They've got to watch the likes of Gary Sanchez, Tyler Austin, Aaron Judge, Ben Gamel, Luis Severino to name a few and the Yankees top prospect in all the land to top it off, Mr. Clint Frazier. What has he been up to since coming off the disabled list?

Let's find out:



  1. It's easy to be disappointed with his numbers if you look at daily box scores. The dude is our top prospect now, and goes 0fer pretty often.

    But I was looking into his numbers the other day. First, he's 21. Second- he's only played AAA 30 games. 25 of which have been with the Yankees. which was after less than a full season of AA.

    pretty sweet.

    1. He is only 21 years old playing AAA ball for the Yankees...what has gotten into Cashman?
      98.% of our players don't get to AAA until they are about 24/26, so this guy must have something they see as an impressive tool.

    2. I looked it up on fangraphs-average age in AAA is 28.2, which is obviously skewed a (ie when a player is a minor league lifer, or someone like swisher taking a minor league deal.).

      Greg bird actually put up similar #'s in AA at the same age, but bird crushed it in AAA hitting 0.301 in 34 games, which worked perfectly for he and the Yankees b/c that was right when teix went down with a broken leg from a foul ball or some shit.

      so first, I think frazier is projected to be the better player. and second, it shows me that what Bird did was quite impressive. fingers crossed for speedy recovery!

    3. Great work looking up those numbers fellas. Baseball Reference actually has an average age for every player at the minor league level and they have Frazier 5.5 years younger than the average AAA player.

    4. Nice job Daryl!
      Bird, hopefully comes back as strong as ever and Frazier follows suite with him.
      We have a problem child in Judge, talent shows but production isn't? Much too soon to give up on the guy as he has been working hard making adjustments.

    5. Reed I agree with you on Judge. He is clearly overmatched and I think needs to start at triple A next season. This experience if invaluable for him now but he needs to work on shortening up swing and pitch recognition as both he and Sanchez chase curve balls constantly in the dirt.


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