Monday, November 7, 2016

ICYMI: The Offseason: The State of the Yankees

Watch... and enjoy. Happy Monday!


  1. This is the same BS he gives all the time. Both he and Girardi need to go if they fail to make the playoffs in 2017. There are no arms in the pipeline on AA or AAA that excite any of us except for Reed. Cessa and Green are just Eovaldi at slower speeds. Pineda is a joke and CC will be CC again. I'm for trading Tanaka to get some ARMS back that can help sooner rather than later. Guys that are on the cusp of the majors. In my opinion the elf did ok in his haul except for a top flight ready arm. Remember these guys are all suspects and Champan and Miller were studs. It's like doubling down on a hand in black jack that has 11. You could end up with a two or ten you just don't know with suspects

  2. One doesn't know about Farm hands either! I have read someone write that many, many times.
    We do have some Guys that could be a help in 2017! We have a few good pitchers on the farm, are they studs? Probably not! But they can be better than many others that we know nothing about. Let's improve what we have and adapt to what it will take to win.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)