Tuesday, November 1, 2016

World Series Game 6 Thread: Chicago Cubs @ Cleveland Indians

It's that time ladies and gentleman, November baseball and Game 6 of the 2016 World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. Get hyped! Will the drought for the Chicago Cubs continue while the Cleveland Indians own little drought comes to an end or will the Cubs live to fight another day tomorrow in Game 7? There's only one way to find out, let's watch.

Tonight the Cubs will send Jake Arrieta to the mound to square off against Josh Tomlin. The game will be played at 8:08 pm ET inside Progressive Field and you can watch on FOX. Enjoy.


  1. Best kept secret on the net....greedypinstripes.com......hands down.
    Please entertain ideas pertaining to moving....Tanaka.
    Great guy, but will bring back a very fine prospect, or two.

    1. aye, let's entertain it! Any team will benefit from Tanaka, tremendously. However, what teams would be best suited?

      This are teams that have been booted from the post season AND with suitable pieces to return- Dodgers, Mets, Nationals, Red Sox, Rangers. There's the other teams that were borderline playoff teams with tradable parts- miami, st. louis, pittsburg.

      Trade history has been common with Pittsburg. Tyler Glasnow is Baseball America #8 prospect, a 23 year old that will be in his rookie year, big righty. I'd want another top 50,and then 2 more-preferably a CF prospect (or SS) and another pitcher.

      But here's the thing- I think tanaka needs to be extended. still only 28. If not, we need to play baseball. Just like this year, see what happens as deadline approaches, and then make that decision. But like I've been saying, need to start trading away players while they still have high value, and not just when they are like Ellsbury- shot, old, and expensive. It'll hurt, but that's how to keep adding pieces (and eventually, keep a constantly relevant team. that's how boston manages to still have a better farm system than us, with multiple championships).

    2. Daryl....If the plan is to tread water, and fool everyone again
      in 2017....then yes, explore what Tanaka can bring you back.

      Why waste his time, or ours, on a faux team.

      I think his record, age, remaining salary, and free agent availability for pitchers this off season, will entice someone
      to offer up a prime young talent.

      Move him, and open up a spot for the faux 2017 season.

    3. Ya you're right. Now I'm pissy b/c that game just ended. Trade Tanaka, screw eovaldi, Pineda, ellsbury, Boston, and Aaron hicks is a lover.

    4. Loser* damn I lost my ferocity there lol

    5. Move Tanaka huh? I'll see what I can do.

  2. Listen I think we can agree that a gm like Epstein blows the elf out of the water. I like some of the pieces the elf got, however I still am stuck with the pitching we received back. Not one of these guys is higher than A ball I believe and I think the elf could've gotten back a top flight arm that is at least in triple A. That being said if you trade Tanaka you will have no pitchers and I predict we will then own last place. While all of you were predicting playoffs in your delusional state of minds before the season started I said 4th place, exactly where we finished.

    I would have an armored truck pull up to Champan's house and sign him to 4 years $60-$65 mill. We mostly agree Betance's can't be the closer. The construction of this roster is very weak and the constant dumpster dive moves are alarming. Hal you have made the playoffs once in the last 5 years and your viewership is declining, along with the attendance at the stadium. Open your freaking wallet and act like the $3.4 billion dollar machine your are supposed to be. Yes I know there is no pitching on the FA market, but there are some pieces you can get. I wouldn't mind seeing Cespedes on this roster next year. Trade Gardner and Judge along with some other pieces for a number two starter. Elf start acting like a GM and not a fraud collecting a paycheck

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    2. I'd go for Cespedes on this team in a heartbeat...and wouldn't be surprised if it were to come true. I think many of us have asked for that to happen, let's hope it does!
      I think I was one that has been saying 2018 is the year we get into the play-offs and advance...how far, who knows! We could get into the play-offs in 2017 but, we are not going far without very good pitching. By 2018 some of our Farm Hands will be ready.

    3. Reed if you think this team is making the playoffs in 2017 you're living in a land of make believe. This roster is still poorly constructed. Your left and CF are often injured, don't hit for power or average, are plus defenders with terrible arms. Your right fielder in Judge will probably set a new major league strikeout record. Your third baseman hasn't lived up to his $54 million dollar contract. Your SS needs to do what he did again in 2017. Your 2nd baseman swings at every 56 foot pitch and your first baseman is coming off shoulder surgery. Catcher we hope is not a one hit wonder. Your starting pitching starts and stops with Tanaka. Pineda has no consistency and what else do you have behind him? Boston will get better because they will spend money. Baltimore has spent money recently and I'm not sure what Toronto will do? I think we have an opportunity to move one place up if this roster stays the same or close to it. I suspect it will be similar with a few dumpster dive moves. That's why Epstein rules and Cashman drools

    4. They can make the playoffs, I never said they would!
      We may see Torres at 2nd base in 2017 at some time or another.
      As for CF, it could be Brett or Ells, but I hope they can find a team to take Ells/Brett which makes it wide open for Frazier or Fowler

    5. Sorry, but I would pass on Chapman unless we could get him for 4/5 years at a livable cost. The BP is the best it has been for years (not counting part of this year). We have some pitchers that are about ready to break out.
      Have patience, Ken H, things take a bit of time but they get better. You compare Epstein (who has money to spend), with Cashman (who has nothing to spend) and ignore the obvious differences of "The Money"!
      Think outside the box, and have some fun.

    6. Ya and you will be our next President. Neither is happening next year

    7. Well, we can agree, can't we Ken H!
      Chapman is one we disagree on, I think. We could afored him this year if Hal let's Cash have the money and still stay under the Cap.

  3. Ok, guys! Now that you have gotten that out of your system, try thinking, not following some of the stupid rhetoric on the blogs telling you, what to think.

    Nobody is going to trade a #1-2-3 pitcher! Think what it would cost to replace that pitcher on the open market. The only teams that would even contemplate doing that would be a team that needs a lot of talent NOW and only have a top starter to work with. You know, something like what the Yankees did this year! The thing is, we never would have gotten a #1-2-3 starter for those two players...adding more players would have been defeating the reasoning behind the trades...which was to shore up our Farm System, with a look to the future!
    It is easy for us to say, "Trade this guy and those guys for a number 1 or 2 starter", ok do it. The other team would have to NEED almost ready AAA typr players right? So we give up Mateo, Frazier, Rutherford, Castro, Wilkerman Garcia maybe that would do it!
    Question; How would that help the team for 2017? Seems to me, we would be in the same shape we were in before the trades.
    Just my thoughts folks! Right or wrong!

  4. Reed there are various reasons one would be willing to trade a top flight pitcher and it doesn't have to be for five guys. Maybe a team wants to unload payroll, maybe the player wore out their welcome. Maybe they want to get younger. What you fail to realize is the elf didn't get top flight pitching back in the trades that are ready for action this coming year or next. He knew we would be in trouble with Eovaldi out all next season and CC another year older along with Tanaka who is one pitch away from blowing out his UCL.


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