Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yankees Also Show Interest in Derek Holland

Earlier this morning we reported here on the blog that the New York Yankees had shown early interest in former Chicago Cubs 15-game winner Jason Hammel since he has reached the free agent market but Hammel is not the only arm that is at least intriguing the Yankees somewhat. New York along with the San Diego Padres have reportedly also been poking around in the Derek Holland free agent pool as well.

The Texas Rangers declined their option on Holland for the 2017 season after three consecutive seasons of battling injuries for the now veteran left-hander and now, presumably anyway, the Yankees smell a low risk and high reward type deal for the 30-year old southpaw.

This was confirmed by Holland who also went on to say that he has shown some interest in pitching for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2017 after having his $11 million option declined by Texas. Holland pitched to a 7-9 record and a 4.95 ERA in 22 appearances this season for the Rangers but he once again battled shoulder injuries throughout the year which limited him to just 16 appearances over the previous two seasons.

Is it due diligence or is there true interest here? That’s anybody’s guess and half the beauty of the hot stove season. I guess you’ll have to just stay tuned. 


  1. Off topic- we just got smoked by Houston- McCann for two no name prospects. We pay 5.5 mil a year. Now we need a DH and backup catcher. McCann should have been moved IF a deal was great. Not for two low A pitchers

    1. I agree in principle Daryl, but we need the money saved (not much) and room for Sanchez, Romine and or Luis Torrens, one of which may be traded, one backup and the other, the starter.

    2. Daryl why would it surprise you the elf got fleeced. It's happened more times then not

    3. "Smoked"? No. "Fleeced"? No.

      Did the Yankees get a similar return as they did for Miller and Chapman? No, and it would be ridiculous to think they would.

      But two guys that can each throw in the triple-digits, who many "experts" think have good shots in MLB, is not a bad thing.

      Personally, as you can read, I was for keeping McCann. But it's not like we should cry over this.

    4. Eovaldi threw in triple digits as did Farnsworth and many others. What does that have to do with the price of wheat in Russia? Absolutely nothing. The elf got fleeced and he hasn't gotten one pitcher from another organization in all these trades above A ball. All suspects


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)