Monday, December 5, 2016

Position by Position Comparisons: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox

The New York Yankees hate missing the playoffs, obviously I am presuming this as I am not inside the clubhouse but I feel safe in saying so, but the team hates it even more when their oldest and most bitter rivals, the Boston Red Sox, make the playoffs. When you want to add salt into the wound, like in 2016, the Red Sox win the division but thankfully for the Yankees they saw Boston's season end in the 2016 ALDS at the hands of the Cleveland Indians. Will Boston get their revenge this afternoon in this comparisons post? Keep reading.

First Base: 

Greg Bird vs. Hanley Ramirez

Second Base:

Starlin Castro vs. Dustin Pedroia


Didi Gregorius vs. Xander Bogaerts 

Third Base:

Chase Headley vs. Pablo Sandoval/Travis Shaw


Gary Sanchez vs. Sandy Leon


Matt Holliday vs. Travis Shaw/Pablo Sandoval

Left Field:

Brett Gardner vs. Andrew Benintendi (for now, not in a year or two)

Center Field: 

Jacoby Ellsbury vs. Jackie Bradley Jr.

Right Field: 

Aaron Judge vs. Mookie Betts

"Winner" in my opinion is bolded.

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