Monday, December 5, 2016

Most Popular Article of the Week: A Plan for the DH Position & The Youth Movement

EDIT: Well this has been settled, it won't be Aaron Judge, but it's the most popular article nonetheless. Happy Monday all. 

You guys know me by now, I don’t go into anything without a plan. Now whether my plans are good plans are not is another discussion for another day but rest assured, I have a plan. My plan for the DH position is simple, cost effective and it fits in with the current Yankees youth movement as it involves relying once again on the Yankees farm system. In a rotation the Yankees young hitters should go in and out of the DH position but one man should be listed as the “every day DH” and that man is Aaron Judge. So who plays right field you ask? Well between Tyler Austin, Aaron Hicks and/or Mason Williams the Yankees should have that covered but just in case it may be a good idea to call up the Yankees top prospect Clint Frazier as well.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m nut. Well, I am but that isn’t the point. I know Frazier is young and has less than a full season at the Triple-A level and believe me that I am well aware that he struggled some in his limited time there. I get it. I also get that Judge has struggled with MLB pitching, again in a small sample size, but Judge focusing on hitting only can only help him in my eyes. Frazier on the other hand is talented and would step into a right field that doesn’t come attached to a “World Series or bust” type expectation level. The Yankees aren’t planning on competing in 2017 so why not let Frazier get his feet wet?

Frazier is the Yankees top prospect and the 15th best prospect in all of baseball according to and he comes with raw power and the ability to play any of the three outfield positions and do it well. That’s the kind of versatility and talent the Yankees need at the MLB level. Frazier could slowly get his feet wet and get acclimated to the Major Leagues by the team having that outfield rotation we discussed earlier while gaining invaluable experience and knowledge at the MLB level. Plus I think Judge would be helped as well as he can work with Marcus Thames, one of the Yankees hitting coaches, more one-on-one this winter.

It likely won’t happen because the Yankees are seemingly against rushing their prospects but it makes a bit of sense in my eyes so I presented it. What say you? Leave it below, thanks.


  1. I would not had signed Holliday, Judge as the DH , with Gardner in LF, Ellsbury CF and Hicks / Austin / Refsnyder in RF.
    We need pitching , si trade Gardner replace him with Williams , Trade Hicks replace him with Fraiser.
    A Hicks , Gardner and say Mateo should bring a middle of the rotation guy.
    13 million for Holliday just plain dumb.

    1. Rev I agree with numerous points of yours especially trading Gardner. I have no use for a career .261 who has speed and only steals 16 bases, sorry Levin he has to go now. Hicks should help Gardner pack and leave together and lets let Refsynder compete in LF. More pop a better bat than Gardner, not as good D wise though. We need more pitching as every pitcher we have except Tanaka is a suspect

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