Monday, December 5, 2016

Position by Position Comparisons: New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays

Continuing with our preliminary look, position by position, at how the New York Yankees stack up against the rest of the American League East we will take the time this morning to compare the Bronx Bombers to one of the three playoff teams from the division, the Toronto Blue Jays. Toronto beat the Baltimore Orioles in the AL Wild Card Game and also beat the Texas Rangers in the ALDS before falling to the Cleveland Indians in the 2016 ALCS. Will they beat the Yankees this morning in our comparison without Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion?

First Base: 

Greg Bird vs. Justin Smoak

Second Base:

Starlin Castro vs. Devon Travis


Didi Gregorius vs. Troy Tulowitzki (this is going to cause a discussion but Tulo doesn't impress me as much as he used to aside from his power output)

Third Base:

Chase Headley vs. Josh Donaldson


Gary Sanchez vs. Russell Martin


Matt Holliday vs. Kendrys Morales 

Left Field:

Brett Gardner vs.Melvin Upton Jr.

Center Field: 

Jacoby Ellsbury vs. Kevin Pillar

Right Field: 

Aaron Judge vs. Ezequiel Carrera

"Winner" in my opinion is bolded.


  1. Burch seriously you can't put Bird in front of Smoak when the guy is coming off missing an entire season and second there is no why hole in the swing Judge is better in RF right now

    1. Smoak just doesn't impress me much, Bird did. I am assuming the health of his shoulder, naturally, but he looked like Greg Bird to me in the AFL. A little rusty but he looked healthy.

    2. Arod coming off his 2015 looked great, how did the Arod 2016 version do? My point is just because you look good one year doesn't mean you comeback and perform.

    3. You are right Ken H....
      One thing you have forgotten is TALENT!
      Unless he is a one horse pony show, or has an injury which we know nothing about, his talent will carry water for him and the team.

    4. ARod's career was winding down, so a regression was FAR more likely. Especially comparing that to a 24 year old whose career is only 46 games old.

      With that said, I'm not as optimistic about Bird as Burch is, but I do think he'll be a fine player. And I'd trust him more than one of the most inconsistent batter's in MLB.

      Just look at Smoak's OPS+ throughout his career...
      2010: 82
      2011: 106
      2012: 85
      2013: 113
      2014: 77
      2015: 105
      2016: 87

      And that doesn't take into account his career .223 batting average and .308 OBP.

    5. "You are what the back of your card says you are." Right Hans? Ouch, those numbers are ugly. Just teasing you a little.

    6. Its ok Levin I always believe you are what your card says. I like Bird but the guy is coming off a major injury, true he isn't a pitcher with the arm, however I am sure the shoulder is connected somehow in the swing plane so we shall see.

    7. That we shall. I've just never been a fan of Smoak. From what I saw of Bird, he has a lot more potential. I just saw it as an opportunity to poke some fun at you. You know how that goes!

    8. Well I know I'm late to this convo, sorry about that, but what Bryan said. Comparing a broken down A-Rod to a kid who already proved the health of his shoulder in the Arizona Fall League is comparing patrick's to Hans's (LOL).

    9. Well I would say that comparison of the both of us is two wise men that understand the game and have been right more times than not. How about that.

  2. GREAT GET....Yankees to sign Chapman. Fabulous !

    Open more spots for the young talent....this winter.
    Let them play this year. Unlock them !

    And, add that young quality rotation a priority.

    Maybe 2017 will not be another gas chamber again ?

    1. I like the signing Patrick, but I can't stand the opt out clause at three years, especially since they can't trade him during the first three years. Other than that I like it

    2. I'm not crazy about the opt-out either, you have to assume if he pitches well he will want to test the market one last big time at 31-years old, but if that was the difference between us and the Washington Nationals... I'll take it.

  3. He eliminated the ability to trade him for another haul. I think he will pull a CC and stay just ransom the Yanks like CC did. Don't forget the success of these suspects is the major question because if we aren't ready to win the east then the opt out means squat


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