Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Yankees One of Six Teams to Pay Luxury Tax in 2016

The New York Yankees have been hit with the luxury tax threshold for the 14th straight season, and as an FYI the luxury tax penalties have been in existence for 14 straight years now, in 2016 along with five other teams. That’s a record for Major League Baseball.

The Los Angeles Dodgers paid $31. 8 million in luxury tax penalties while the New York Yankees paid the second highest at $27.4 million. The Boston Red Sox paid $4.5 million, the Detroit Tigers paid $4 million, the San Francisco Giants paid $3.4 million and the Chicago Cubs earned their first World Series since 1908 at the expense of $2.96 million.

The Yankees have paid a total of $325 million since the luxury tax began. 

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  1. Even for the Yankees $325 million is a lot of money going to other teams that use it to beat us with. $27.4 million is enough to buy a good pitcher...hay, what?


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