Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Yankees Should Still Get Greg Holland

Okay, so the apologies are done. The luxury tax threshold and penalties are paid and Brian Cashman is (should be) frantically working the phones to fix the starting rotation after reading my article earlier in the day. Now it’s time to finish off the bullpen. Enter Greg Holland. Yes, the Yankees should still get Greg Holland. Even after acquiring Aroldis Chapman and even after having Dellin Betances, Adam Warren and Tyler Clippard in the fold. It’s time to go old school, get greedy and get Holland. Now.

The New York Yankees were one of 18 teams that sent representatives and scouts to watch Greg Holland throw in early November at the winter meetings and the former Kansas City closer was thought to be New York’s back up plan if they didn’t sign Chapman to a new deal. But why not get Plan A and Plan B? It’s not like Holland would cost anything but money and it’s not like, as he recovers from Tommy John surgery, teams are going to be bidding against themselves to give him any sort of financial package like the Yankees just did to Chapman. Holland would likely come on a one-or-two year deal with a lower base salary and a load of incentives attached to his contract. Something very manageable and doable for the Yankees in my opinion.

Holland is still building arm strength, at last check in the righty was still just throwing around 90 MPH with his fastball, but he looked healthy from all accounts that I’ve read online from people who saw his showcase. Holland should be much stronger and much more ready once spring training comes along and should be as close to 100% as he is going to get when the 2017 season starts later on next season. Holland is willing to pitch in a non-closer role according to his agent Scott Boras, which is great news to hear since the Yankees have Chapman, and if healthy could be the best 8th inning man in baseball once again.

The Yankees had a great bullpen in 2016 with “No Runs DMC” but somehow as a whole the bullpen could be even better this year with Chapman, Betances, Holland, Clippard, Warren and the rest of the crew down in manager Joe Girardi’s Circle of Trust. All Cashman has to do is get it done. It’s a one-year deal, what’s the harm?

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